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Hot Artichoke and Crab Dip ~ Crazy Low Carbs!!!

Spring is in the air, which not only means blooming flowers and warmer weather, but delicious and in-season foods that are good for your body and your health. Most of these foods or their compounds either stimulate insulin production or lower blood sugar. At the center of the bud is the mass of immature florets in called the “choke.” In the Globe variety (which is the predominant US variety) and in large older European varieties the “choke” is inedible. Sunchokes are also high in iron. Meanwhile, cook artichoke hearts according to package directions; drain. Artichoke called as Agathi flower, is looks like sunflower top with tuberous root. So, the present study was conducted to evaluate the effect of artichoke hydro alcoholic extract on serum insulin, glucagon, glocuse, ALP, ALT and AST enzymes levels in streptozotocin-induced diabetic male rats.

When Jerusalem artichoke was combined with fermented soybean paste, the combination, at 5 percent of the diet, showed an additive effect that was better than Jerusalem artichoke by itself. This component stimulates the secretions of the stomach (stomachic) and gallbladder (cholagogue), being a remedy for indigestion , dyspepsia or slow digestion. The plant bears numerous starchy edible rhizomes, firmly attached to stem underneath the ground surface. Jerusalem artichoke is a plant native to North America. They contain about 10% protein, and a not much starch. It also contains iron, vitamin C, folic acid and vitamin B1 and vitamin B2. Improvements in diet are therefore an important strategy in combating type 2 diabetes.

It grows from six to eight feet high, and makes a good windbreak or screen.

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