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High Cholesterol: The Johns Hopkins Digestive Weight Loss Center

Cholesterol is a steroid lipid (fat) found in the blood and is necessary for proper functioning of cell membranes. Americans are eating more cheese than ever before (23 pounds a year per person; three times as much as we did in 1970). Being naturally low in saturated fat, soya foods help lower cholesterol. It’s important to replace saturated fats with unsaturated fats – they’ve been shown to increase levels of “good cholesterol” (high-density lipoprotein, or HDL) and reduce any blockage in your arteries. High cholesterol levels may be associated with the uric acid levels in your body, although more scientific evidence is needed to confirm a link. It’s really a matter of common sense,” she says. The National Cholesterol Education Program’s Therapeutic Lifestyle Changes (TLC) diet suggests a total fat intake of 25 to 35 percent of total calories, and less than 7 percent of your calories to come from saturated or trans fats.

These whole grains are among the best sources of soluble fiber, which blocks your body’s ability to absorb cholesterol and “is your best friend for lowering LDL cholesterol,” says American Dietetic Association spokesperson Ximena Jimenez, MS, RD. An ideal HDL level is 60 milligrams/deciliter (mg/dL) or above. The ApoE 4 genotype, which 14% of the population has, puts me at a high risk of heart disease and early dementia, and I certainly don’t want to be getting coloring books for Christmas when I’m 50. A variety of colours will add fibre, phytochemicals, vitamins and minerals. Foods rich in saturated fats are a major contributor to the development of heart disease. Health guidelines suggest eating no more than 70g per day. Most people do not need to count milligrams of cholesterol each day.

Avoid foods containing saturated and trans fats.5. If you don’t already exercise or eat a healthy diet, be ready to talk to your doctor about any challenges you might face in getting started.

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