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Heather’s Diabetes Success Story

People are diagnosed with diabetes every day. Finding the answer to this and other questions regarding type 1 is the motivation behind the Joslin Diabetes Center’s 50-Year Medal Program, which celebrates those who have successfully managed diabetes for 50 or more years. As many families will describe, we’d heard of diabetes, but never really knew or understood exactly what it was and what the treatment entailed. Utah added the revised PRAMS question to the Vital Records hospital maternal worksheet that mothers complete, and a second chart review process was initiated. He was taking 4 drugs, namely aspirin (75 mg per day), metformin (500mg three times per day), perindopril (4mg per day) and simvastatin (40 mg at night). Maybe her daughter was cheering at a Hartselle High School ball game that night. Accountability: If you think you’re responsible for the good things that happen in your life, then you also need to take responsibility for the negative aspects.

The new approach worked better than virtually anyone could expect. A: Benjie is dedicated to incorporating smoothies in his diet, drinking two chocolate Gladiator® Smoothies a day. The treatments were very successful, and although she was checked yearly thereafter for further problems, she never needed additional “zaps” as she called them, after the 250 or so she originally had during the first 4 treatment sessions. My regime was was 10k steps per day. The doctor told him that he was diabetic. The primal philosophy just made sense to me. It also helps to exercise.

They would test me, and I would come out fine so it wasn’t a big worry. Once you experience this, your eyes will be opened to how a doctor really should help the people they assist. They said they weren’t too worried, but I was fairly careful with what I ate. I’ve also modified my portion sizes, and I’m eating healthier. “If you come across the fact that you are pre-diabetic, it is not something you have to have. I started watching my blood sugar more but it was always up and down. After the 30 day program, this individual was able to reduce his daily insulin units from 70 to 5.

More years pass with it up and down. But I’m doing all I can to prevent or delay it. For all of us, our shared stories are inspirational. Eating often regulated my blood sugars, and I added many fresh vegetables to my food plan. A friend referred me to Dr. I couldn’t hold down food, I couldn’t keep my blood sugar up whatsoever. I was diagnosed again with gestational diabetes.

My body went downhill. Their efforts to maintain adherence to medication have succeeded, and Geisinger’s results reach 80%, far higher than those of most other American health plans. As the disease progresses, even those who made diet and lifestyle changes might eventually have to go on medications. I could not keep it down. The doctor was going to put me on glucophage and I was doing whatever I could to try and not go on the meds. It took a few months. Right now I’m up to a full cup of food at one sitting.

I feel bad, fatigued off and on and I mean FATIGUED. As in I have to take naps around dinner time because I can no longer function awake. Aaron At nine months old, Aaron was diagnosed with Cooley’s Anemia or thalassemia, an inherited blood disorder. I had on some extra weight (about 40 lbs) and for the life of me it would not come off. Then I meet Steve on the diabetes board! I could not help but notice his awesome results!! I’d swapped my bad breakfast habits for healthy rolled jumbo oatmeal cooked in water with ground cinnamon and fresh blueberries.

He wasn’t hungry and the results were amazing. I started following his lead with eating more low carb and more protein. I wasn’t committed 100% yet because there were some things I had a hard time giving up. My blood sugar was going down, but not as low as I would like. I was in the 120-130 range which isn’t too bad, but it still isn’t that healthy. I did not want to die leaving behind my young children, not ever getting to see grandchildren. I have a lot of things I still want to experience while I am on this earth!

I splurged and bought The Primal Blueprint so I could commit 100% …. I did commit and it was amazing! The first thing I did was go gluten free. Gluten free is not inexpensive, but it is cheaper than doctor visits and watching my health decline. It is not that expensive if you plan out your meals weekly and buy the meat and veggies for each day. Always make a little more for lunch the next day! I will not say that I haven’t cheated.

I have with a birthday or a large party, but it has it’s effect. I don’t feel good after I eat that piece of cake. My stomach hurts fairly bad for the evening and I vow to not do it again. A: When an individual moves from being pre-diabetic to having a diagnosis of diabetes, their health care costs on average double. I have a real issue with food not being convenient. All that info goes right to my endocrinologist and my general practitioner, and it all downloads to my phone and my computer. The crockpot and the steamer helped immensely to cook foods while I just didn’t have the time.

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