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Healthy diet and exercise can control Type 2 diabetes

Adelaide researchers have developed a diet and exercise program which has proven to be highly effective in reducing the burden of type 2 diabetes, with an average 40 per cent reduction in medication levels. Carried out by the Baylor College of Medicine in Houston, Texas, the team found that participants aged 65 to 85 who were placed in an ‘intensive intervention group’, attending 90-minute aerobic and resistance exercise classes three times a week as well as a diet class once a week, showed a lower body weight and fat mass and improved fitness after six-months than those who were placed in the control group. 210 patients will be enrolled and randomized to either the LIFE intervention or a standard of care control group, which consists of two dietitian-led diabetes self-management classes. In the past 20 years, research discoveries have begun to explain why. All ate a large breakfast, medium-sized lunch and small dinner for a 23-month period, but the breakfast differed between each group. I laid there waiting for the EKG results thinking I can’t take any more bad news. Med.

Your doctor will teach you what to do if this happens. Someone with type 2 diabetes has the same level of heart attack risk as someone who’s already had a heart attack, according to the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute. Diabetes, of course, is marked by high levels of glucose (sugar) in the blood and urine. Your doctor’s recommendation is right in line with guidelines from the American Diabetes Association (ADA). They urge all people newly diagnosed with diabetes to lose weight as the first step to controlling their blood sugar. The best way to lose weight? By eating more healthfully and exercising more.

A blood test called HbA1c estimates average blood sugar levels over the past two or three months. People with diabetes should aim for an HbA1c level of less than 7 percent. This was my first insight into what diet can do. Self-monitoring of blood glucose in people with type 1 and type 2 diabetes living in France: the Entred study 2001. How much weight do you need to lose to see improvements? The ADA recommends regular checks for protein in the urine, an early sign of loss of kidney function. Not all people with Type 2 diabetes are overweight.

But even if your weight is in the healthy range, losing three to five pounds can help control your blood sugar. So how can you cut calories? First, eat smaller portions. Also, substitute lower-calorie alternatives for high-calorie foods. For example, have grilled fish and steamed vegetables for dinner instead of a plate of pasta. It also helps to stick with a regular eating schedule. He directed me to your website and a few others and I could not get enough.

I have known many patients who were able to control their Type 2 diabetes with just diet and exercise. They did not need medicine. Once nerve damage sets in, your risk of infection increases because you may not be able to feel an injury, like a cut on your foot, to help it heal early on. Dr. Komaroff is a physician and professor at Harvard Medical School. To send questions, go to AskDoctorK.com, or write: Ask Doctor K, 10 Shattuck St., Second Floor, Boston, MA 02115.

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