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Gestational Diabetes Sugar Range with A1C 6.2%

The GTT, like pps said, is a diagnostic tool. So there’s one reason why they don’t just use the A1c to test for gestational diabetes. The use of glycohemoglobin A1c (HbA1c) in screening for GDM remains controversial. A total of 713 pregnant women were enrolled. Typically the tests done to evaluate gestational diabetes are performed in the very late second trimester or early part of the third trimester. Patients with gestational diabetes are obligated to use drugs, which are reducing the blood glucose concentration of theirs, but a confirmation of this diagnose is must. How frequently should this test be performed?

studied HbA1c as a screening test for GDM by WHO 1999 criteria in gestational weeks 24–28 [8]. The researchers used patients’ stored blood samples to measure their A1C levels. Between 5.7 and 6.4 are actually considered pre-diabetic, where 6.5 and over is considered a diabetes diagnosis. From what you are saying, I do not think you have gestational diabetes. The control of blood sugar your doctor asked and performed to you is to assure whether you are or/and have the chances to a diabetic or not. It is like a routine test set while following-up a pregnant woman during her pregnancy. According to the ADA recommendations for 2011, if you had the following results – 92 mg/dL (5.1 mmol/L) at baseline; or ≥180 mg/dL (9.9 mmol/L) after 1 hour; or ≥153 mg/dL (8.4 mmol/L) after 2 hours; then, we can say that you are a diabetic.

I started noticing my mouth was very dry almost all the time; you could hardly find me without a water bottle in my hand for several weeks. This is because an A1C level of 0.2 points more than the normal level is not something to be worried out. A specific compound within it, known as haemoglobin, is responsible for this oxygen-carrying capacity of the red blood cells. To accommodate this change, we will be starting to check the hemoglobin A1C level during the initial obstetric evaluation. As you may say, this is a perfect natural balance, and you should not be worried about. However, I could say to discuss further with your personal doctor as he/her knows better your medical history that I do not.

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