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Fourth Annual Diabetes Blog Week!

“This is what you should tell people!” she said slamming her hand down on the table. The problem is compounded by an increase in onset of Type 2 Diabetes at an early age predisposing them to diabetes-related complications at a very young age (1). Would you try to see the positives? In the Perspective article Population Approaches to Prevention of Type 2 Diabetes, Martin White (University of Cambridge, United Kingdom) notes that while lifestyle interventions aimed at increasing healthy behaviors like exercise and appropriate diet among high-risk individuals have been successful and cost-effective in randomized controlled trials, scale-up of these programs will likely lead to drop-offs in effectiveness and could leave the most vulnerable populations behind. Past studies have suggested that diabetes raises the risk for Alzheimer’s disease although it’s not entirely clear why. After lunch, the children with diabetes went to a seminar with Jan Anderson, a marathon swimmer. Results from a recent survey by the American Diabetes Association show that the diabetes camp experience has a positive and lasting effect on how young people view themselves and their diabetes.

In both type 1 and type 2 diabetes, scientists have determined that many genes are involved in setting the stage for the possibility that diabetes can develop. It was under eight but it wasn’t under seven, the magic number I had read about. I had been to school with a couple of people with diabetes and my great grandmother also had Type 1, but I had little to no idea about what the condition actually meant. PM2.5 exposure contributes to insulin resistance and high blood pressure, but its role in perturbing glucose and blood pressure control in real world clinical settings has not been investigated. Corn on the cob also caught me out, as it has completely different amount of carbs in it than just normal tinned sweetcorn. The nurses took 20 minutes to call a doctor and ask his advice, at which point I had dropped to 3.8 and was getting increasingly scared. If one day’s topic doesn’t inspire you, feel free to post about one of the wild card topics instead!

Who can participate in Diabetes Blog Week? In the trial it proved to be as effective as a standard glucagon injection in raising blood glucose although it took about five minutes longer to have the desired effect. My insulin is always either in a fridge in our hostel room or a Frio bag (when travelling or in the odd remote place where a fridge in the room is not possible). I’m not sure if this is something other diabetics have found, but I would urge you to test your blood sugars more frequently if you cross a number of time zones or you get a new nocturnal job and please let me know if you can shed some light on what happened to me. Many in business and the military are familiar with the term VUCA. The number of visits they make depends on how competent the practice are at coping with diabetes based on a four level system. It’s for so many reasons.

However, the posts should be written by a blogger with a diabetes connection and product plugs / advertising will not be allowed. If you have questions regarding diabetes, Intermountain Healthcare and KUTV 2 will be holding “Ask The Expert” on Tuesday, August 9th. Of course, the idea for Diabetes Blog Week is that everyone who signs up to participate will post on all seven days. I was introduced to my doctor, nurse and dietician who helped me build a strong relationship and understanding with my new illness. The race was held around the city of Baku, and it became clear to me why it’s called, “The City of Winds” after racing though desert sandstorms and up to 80km/h winds! What if I want to Tweet about Diabetes Blog Week? I make it fit into my life instead of making my life fit into having diabetes.

I’ve tried to cover everything, but I’m sure I missed something, so please leave any questions in the comments below or email them to me at  DBlogWeek@bittersweetdiabetes.com.

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