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Fake Crocs Clogs DeFeet the Purpose!

On days when it is raining hard or there is snow and slush on the ground, I don’t like wearing my expensive Birkenstocks and bringing them to an early demise. Once the fracture is healed – we focus on getting patients into proper shoegear, arch support and possibly bracing so they can get back to doing all the activities they enjoy! Many of you will probably want to argue with me about this, but here’s a question: Have you ever needed to wear band-aides on your feet from wearing flip-flops or shoes without socks or stockings? The reason Crocs shoes are so revolutionary, is that they are a totally new breed of shoe that mixes the comfort of clogs with a space age material that has incredible benefits. Every style, color, heel, and style is available. Who would win in a fight? Cons: As the saying goes, “a chain is only as good as its weakest link.” The weak link on these Bistro Pro Crocs is the flimsy plastic rivets that fastens the back straps to the shoe.

CrocsRx Medical offers shoes for various problems like bunions, arch pain and heel pain. Melissa Koester, Manager of Crocs Cares, was on hand to assist with the distribution at Pine Ridge. Now you can wear clothes that have all of the same properties that make their shoes such a hit. The handsome yet rugged Tummler has an oiled leather upper with stretch side panels–this creates a shoe that is exceptionally easy to take on and off while enhancing overall comfort. The original crocs are made crocsnya type (eg prepair Flip), color (eg navy / silver), and size (eg (m7/w9). In 2006, Crocs faced health and safety issues when some of the American and Japanese children wearing Crocs sustained injuries in an escalator. Bold, positive, and optimistic candidates who exceed expectations may consider careers with the pioneer footwear franchise.

Crocs will have the following on the bottom of the shoes: 1) the crocs website which is the dot com (I cannot write it here). One benefit that may be the niche of this brand—rest for the feet after high-impact activity. 5) Oh yeah…I can’t keep up with the number of colors and styles in which Crocs are offered … colorful is also a big trend! Here are a few examples of styles: clogs* (holy & unholy : ), boots, Ugg-like (furry inside) clogs-called “mammoth”, Mary Janes, flats, “Sporto” style shoes, wedges, pumps, thongs, golf spikes clogs, water sock tops, adjustable straps, soles in regular shoes – and the list will go on. I personally LOVE the water sock top Crocs. We, The Orthotic Shop, are looking forward to bringing this new line of Bite Footwear to you at exceptional prices and of course Free Shipping!

There are approximately 80 different models of CustomSelect orthotics, so it is the closest thing next to custom. Crocs has also purchased You, and they are sold as “You by Crocs”. I have a pair of black wedge dress shoes and I love them!!! The tests concluded that there is a 90% kill rate for bacteria & fungi and is effective for a one-year period of time. I just bought the highball lambswool boots, and everyone loves them too! They look great with a dress, or folded down for “the boots with the fur” look. First of all I never thought I would wear crocs.

We go to the podiatrist tomorrow (Alan is going to go to a wound treatment center for the ulcer, so we have to talk to his podiatrist about this.), so at Kings Plaza Mall, there is a (I don’t know what you call the people who sell stuff in the mall, but there’s a big STAND with hundreds of crocs hanging, in all sizes and colors. Special Crocs will have the recycle symbol on them (portion of proceeds go to charity). If you are buying Crocs with a recycling symbol on them from ebay, you will need to look at the difference between the recycled Crocs (which will also have a recycling symbol, but will look different), and the Crocs that are sold to raise money for the charity. Crocs shoes are getting popularity day by day. A: That’s easy!: The original appeal of the Croc comes from its practical use. Crocs are made of a trademarked material called Croslite. This material is the most comfortable and practical of all shoe materials available.

They are odor resistant, can be sanitized, are ultra-light(less than 6 ounces), slip resistant, and uv resistant. They are also the best foot cushion you can imagine. They are comfortable with socks, or can be worn next to the skin and cleaned with soap. There are many styles available, but the fakes are showing up in the clog style. BTW:  It is illegal to sell a trademarked fake (new or used). If you buy one, do not try to resell it. They do actually prosecute people for this.

I know of a local purse and jewelry vendor who was just charged in a sting operation. These sandals are handmade and provide great support that doesn’t go away after a few uses. Mack Lewis. Versions of the Croc style of clog have appeared in children’s fashion catalogues in their own name brands, but they ARE NOT CROCS! Other knock-offs (different brands of same style) are in discount stores, amusement park stores, beach stores, department stores, and  superstores. Because Crocs are the new preppy trend, people want them. She told me that no matter what she says, I’m the acid test.

Crocs are not that expensive, and used Crocs are okay to buy on EBay because they can be sanitized (The first time I saw these, the surgeons at Johns Hopkins were wearing them). The shoes are good for people with heel spurs, bunions, swelling, or problems caused by diabetes (you should check the company site’s Crocs RX brands). There is also a special line for restaurant and healthcare workers. Before you buy a used pair, ask how much the shoes were worn because you want a tread that’s not worn out. Make your feet happy and buy the real thing…New OR Used.

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