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Extra Wide Comfort Shoes in Colchester – Sandpiper Footwear – Extra Wide Footwear and Hosiery

To prevent a growing number of amputations among diabetic patients in India, M.V. If there is any evidence of neuropathy, or lack of sensation, wearing the right footwear is crucial. There are 135 foot amputations weekly, so it is good to inform your local qualified shoe fitter if you suffer with diabetes as they should provide extra care and advice. At the same time, it is believed that the footwear could help in discussions on educating diabetic patients, facilitating the work of customs when declaring lower import duties and clarifying rules of partial or complete reimbursement of health insurance. Vachrajani claims to be the only private practitioner in the country who does this kind of a job. Your family and friends are sure to love this simple Italian recipe. Shoes that limit the horizontal movement of the foot against the shoe prevent friction that can cause skin irritation; in a diabetic, friction can eventually lead to ulcers, wounds, and infections, and deformities.

Many of the styles in the Sandpiper collection, feature virtually seam-free design, ensuring that there are no seams to rub the foot, particularly at the front of the shoe. Special prescription footwear is available for diabetics, including custom-made shoes, healing and post-operative shoes, in-depth shoes that accommodate orthotic inserts (orthoses), external shoe modifications to absorb shock and add stability, and custom orthotic shoe inserts. Synthetic linings – even if breathable – will draw perspiration from the foot, which can in turn cause infection which can be particularly difficult to cure for diabetics. The design and development phase of the project involved developing a prototype shoe last, along with specialised soles, insoles and antibacterial linings. Persons who suffer from diabetes, often find that their feet swell during the day, which makes it difficult to find suitable footwear, as in the morning the shoes are too lose, and by the evening the shoes feel tight. To prevent injury to susceptible and sensitive toes, the shoe’s toe box should be high and durable. Don’t wait a moment longer; find the most comfortable range of shoes for diabetics, and not only look after your feet better than ever before, but also find the blissful comfort in wearing Sandpiper Shoes – we call it Comfort beyond Compare.

More Features The Classic comes with an EVA insole which is a ¼ inch thick to provide extra “plantar” or sole cushioning. Many styles feature either one or two removable insoles which may be removed to accommodate orthotics or specialist insoles.

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