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Epidemiology of congestive heart failure in three ethnic groups. – PubMed

The symptoms of Congestive Heart Failure vary among individuals according to the particular organ systems involved and depending on the degree to which the rest of the body has “compensated” for the heart muscle weakness. Topically applied beta-blockers are systemically absorbed, with the potential for producing clinically significant systemic effects even at low or undetectable plasma levels. In the respiratory tract, beta blockade may adversely affect pulmonary function by counteracting the bronchodilation produced by catecholamine stimulation of beta-2 receptors. In both CHF and diabetes mellitus patients, three components cumulatively explained most of variance in BADL-IADL: the BADL, 10 IADL, and 4 housework-related IADL. The system can also collect data from A&D and Nonin home health devices. Hypertension needs special attention for two reasons. Something as simple as a water pill, for example, can help eliminate some extra fluids you may have in your body that may cause you to be short of breath.

Blood then flows into the left ventricle where it is pumped to the organs and tissues of the body. Diabetes is widely recognized as a significant risk factor for the development of heart failure and is an independent risk factor for increased mortality among individuals with heart failure (1–4). This represents a share of about 2.2% of the country’s total healthcare expenditures. The study, started in 2001, is monitoring its ethnically diverse participants for six to eight years to see who develops heart failure and who does not. Diabetes increased CHF risk 2-8 fold with risk ratios twice as large in women as men.

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