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Efficacy of lidocaine patch 5% in the treatment of focal peripheral neuropathic pain syndromes: a

Painful diabetic neuropathy affects 16 percent of people with diabetes, yet it is frequently undiagnosed and undertreated. After a 1995 fibromyalgia diagnosis, Rittenhouse began to take Tylenol 3 to ease her constant pain. Our Board Certified Pain Management Medical Doctor, Jerry Keepers & Board Certified Chiropractic Physician Dr. For many, current treatments are not effective in managing pain and new alternatives will be welcomed by patients,” comments Dr Ajith George, Consultant in diabetes and endocrinology, who is delivering the trial at Trafford General Hospital. Outcomes included visual analog scale (VAS) for pain in the 109 patients who had pain level greater than 8.0, measurement of the cutaneous pressure threshold for sensibility, self-reported change in pain medication usage, and self-reported change in balance. While this step is important for all diabetics, it is especially important for those suffering from diabetic neuropathy pain. This can cause a person to feel a variety of sensations or hypersensitivities.1,2 A patient may feel different types of pain, depending on the origin and cause of the pain.

This includes diabetes, thyroid disorders, certain auto-immune conditions, vitamin B12 deficiency, alcohol abuse and exposure to toxins such as heavy metals or chemotherapy drugs. Carpal tunnel syndrome may require a night splint, cortisone injection or if more persistent, surgery on the wrist – this is not a major operation, but you will not be able to use the affected hand for two to three weeks.

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