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Effects of experimentally-induced diabetes on sperm parameters and chromatin quality in mice. – PubMed

Diabetic human patients and laboratory animals show abnormalities which can be observed also in enhanced lipid peroxidation (LPO) induced in vitro. The short TROND protocol was performed before and after 20min of deep hyperventilation in healthy subjects and patients with DM. Despite several narrative review studies on medicinal properties of NS, it seems that there is no systematic review to summarize effects of NS on glucose homoeostasis and lipid profile in diabetes mellitus. Periodontal health of 125 participants with type-2 diabetes mellitus was measured by the number of missing teeth, community periodontal index (CPI), Russell’s periodontal index and papillary bleeding index. In most cases, age and gender were appeared to involve in having greater values of diabetes marker. The following were risk factors: recipient age >36 years, hepatitis C virus infection, HLA-B13, family history of DM, body mass index >30, and calcineurin inhibitor therapy. There was a progressive elevation in basal heart rates in both groups at increasing altitude while no changes were observed in mean blood pressures.

In children exposed to GDM in utero a positive correlation of fasting insulin and WHR (Rs=0.31, p=0.028) as well as significantly lower HOMA2-B (p=0.03) were observed. In summary, despite leading to only modest weight loss after 12 months, agents promoting weight loss have beneficial effects on glycaemic parameters, glycaemic control and progression to diabetes. Watchful consideration of these clinical parameters may lead to an early genetic testing, and to an adequate treatment. The results showed that STZ-induced diabetes mellitus may influence the male fertility potential via affecting sperm parameters and DNA integrity in mice. These results suggest that Nordenau water may be effective to improve the deficient secretion of insulin from ß cells in type 1- and type 2-diabetes mellitus.

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