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Effect of ginseng extract supplementation on testicular functions in diabetic rats. – Abstract

Topic no#3 Medicinal Values of Wild Ginseng – Taylors roots & Herbs does not claim to be a clinic or Dr: and as with all roots and herbs check with your physician before using or taking them. Ginseng is said to treat a wide variety of ailments. It is not certain whether ginseng is effective in treating any medical condition. Although the results are encouraging, Vuksan, who associate director of the Risk Factor Modification Centre at St. Results: Four weeks of CsA treatment increased blood glucose level, decreased insulin level, but ginseng co-treatment recovered CsA-induced hyperglycemia. (act) :14 o/c pancreatic function In the four-week intervention using relatively high doses of ginseng and its purported active ingredient, ginsenoside re, we did not see an improvement in either insulin sensitivity or pancreatic function. ___ Ginseng is another powerful adaptogen.

Green tea extract and ginseng root had no infuence on villus height in the duodenum and crypt depth in the ileum of diabetic rats but both had an effect which is characterized by a lower villus height in the jejenum. There are different types of ginseng, which vary widely in quality. In combination with some vitamins and minerals, 80 mg of ginseng per day was found to effectively reduce fatigue in a double-blind study. RESULTS: The administration of ginseng extract resulted in a significant improvement of fertility parameters and testicular antioxidants together with a decrease in malondialdehyde and testicular pathological signs including degenerative changes of the seminiferous tubules. CONCLUSION: Ginseng extract may be a beneficial adjuvant therapy for diabetics suffering from infertility as a complication.

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