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Dwarfism May Hold Key to Fighting Cancer and Diabetes, and Living a Long Life

World Diabetes Day is on 14th November 2014 which gives the caution that diabetes can be delayed or prevented. Scientists at The George Washington University, Washington, and Cornell University, Ithaca, N.Y., helped modify the technology, which has greatly increased the speed of the research. People facing hunger are not able to afford the healthy food they need. Alyse had researched and written articles about how changing eating habits and increasing exercise can increase overall health and improve symptoms of chronic diseases. The team has adopted an approach that is well-known at Montfort when it comes to the treatment of chronic diseases: teaming up professionals of diverse health fields and collaborating with several community organisms to be able to offer well-rounded, complete patient-oriented care. To his surprise, the once-snug pants fit perfectly. The Laron individuals, say the authors, produce less insulin growth factor 1 (IGF-1), which stunts their growth but also prevents DNA damage to cells and promotes the death of damaged cells.

In January 2015 and as Miss Ghana USA 2014, I was fortunate to conduct a Diabetes workshop in the town of Ahwerase in Ghana. An interdisciplinary approach that addresses all of the factors in a comprehensive and integrated fashion could be a powerful weapon against the disease, and provide the basis for a national program to treat and prevent diabetes and other chronic diseases. I’m not sure I’d have had the discipline to get involved without the incentive of diabetes. Although there is insurance to cover the majority of the medical expenses; it does not cover specialty items such as household renovations (bathroom, kitchen, ramps, etc.), and medical devices (motorized wheelchair, stabilizing bars, etc.).

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