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Dr. Scholl’s Socks | DIABETIC SOCKS 2

Made of 85% Cotton 10% Nylon and 5% Lycra Spandex with a reinforced heel and toe and flat toe seams. They usually are made of materials that have superior abilities to wick away moisture, are fitted, padded, and non-binding, and do not have seams. There are also new worries to contend with, depending on your age and relative health. Atherosclerosis, also called hardening of the arteries, is a common problem amongst diabetics, and in the leg and foot, results in poor circulation. As an added bonus, usually thicker socks pamper your feet giving you the spa feeling without the spa prices. We use only 100% merino wool in the knitting of our wool socks. Diabetic socks offer comfort and promote good foot health.

They come in two sizes, Regular, which fits size 6-13 shoe and King Size, for shoe sizes 14-18. With this in mind, do people with diabetes need socks that are labeled “diabetic socks,” and what should they look for in socks? Take men’s dress socks. The danger is that a downhill battle occurs where infection and poor wound healing linger, causing problems with the diabetic’s general health. There are many styles and colors of thick socks for men and women. We will send your replacements to the address you provided and we will pay for the return postage. Our socks are stylish and affordable.

A full service men’s specialty store, family owned and operated since 1983, J. For people who have foot problems or are at risk due to neuropathy and decreased circulation, then “diabetic socks” might be helpful. These offer progressive compression to help improve your blood flow and ward off circulatory issues. Diabetic socks for men are also particularly useful for outdoors-men, due to the thick nature of the socks and the moisture wicking and antimicrobial properties. Although these thick socks are designed with diabetic people in mind, they are available to everyone who suffers from leg and foot fatigue including numbness and swelling. Merino wool wicks moisture away from your skin and it dries very quickly. Specialty socks can promote good foot and leg health, keep you feeling energetic.

You feet have a lot to do with how tired you are. If your feet are tired, you are more inclined to be fatigued as well. Both men and women with diabetes can take advantage of another trend this year, the move toward structured coats and tops. We know you want to have the best health possible. Quality socks at affordable prices are available to you at last. That is not to say we don’t use domestic yarns in the production of our socks, because we do. Scholl’s diabetic socks promote good health as well.

You deserve the active and healthy lifestyle you seek to be in the best shape and feel great! We seek to provide you the ability to make the best choices for your feet. If you have any questions or think you may need some light alterations, feel free to fill out the contact us form above or call us at 800-973-9939. We want you to make the right choice with our socks. We give you the styles and colors that are most popular because healthy does not have to be ugly. The Mountaineering Sock is 25% thicker than our standard cushion socks. Always consult your physician before wearing diabetic socks.

Dr. Scholl’s socks are not intended to cure or treat any ailment or disease but are constructed to provide comfort to everyday life.

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