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Do high fasting glucose levels suggest nocturnal hypoglycaemia? The Somogyi effect-more fiction than fact? –

Finally typed up something that was supposed to be a concise history of Rocky and diabetes, but it’s more like “War and Peace”…..please only use the bits that you need!!!! In cats, the “Somogyi overswing” occurs when the insulin dose is too high and the patient’s blood glucose plummets below 60 mg/dL. Contrary to Dawn pnenomenon which is normal physiological process,somogyi effect is a man made effect.If a person with diabetes mellitus who is on insulin, had an attack of hypoglycemia which is not treated,this will result in rebound hyperglycemia due to the effect of counter-regulatory hormones.If the initial hypoglycemia is not recognised,insulin doses are increased to combat hyperglycemia.This results in more pronounced somogyi effect and more marked hyperglycemia. Joslin may not have had the current lingo down (we know that we now say “person/patient with diabetes,” not “diabetic”), but he had the knowledge part right. The resultant hyperglycaemia produces polyuria and polydipsia. These hormones increase blood glucose concentration (through gluconeogenesis, release of glucose from hepatic glycogen, and increased peripheral resistance to insulin). After this achievement, made in 1922, Somogyi plunged himself into the study of this disease.

[3] Just as with high blood glucose levels during Somogyi, raising the dose of insulin will only make the problem worse. The physiological mechanisms driving the rebound are defensive. or use a continuous glucose monitoring system. then again it might not be, but i’m hoping it is, and with another 24 hours there we should know better. I was having major issues with it before I got my CGM, but never caught the lows when I did random overnight checks.

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