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Diuretic medications in diabetes mellitus

Biomarker is the measurable change associated with a physiological or pathophysiological process. In this assessment, the overall view of the patient-relevant results was that diuretics can be used as first-line antihypertensive treatment. We systematically reviewed the literature to identify randomized controlled trials in which glycaemic control was studied in adults with diabetes taking either beta-blockers or diuretics. Removing this excess water from the blood vessels reduces pressure on the walls of the arteries making it easier for the heart to pump. J’ai entendu dire qu’il ne fallait pas prendre de diurétiques durant la grossesse en raison de la réduction du volume plasmatique et de la possibilité de réduction de la perfusion placentaire, sans compter un effet diabétogène possible. Thiazide diuretics are frequently used in these patients for treatment of hypertension, but they also exacerbate metabolic syndrome. Additional monitoring may be required after dose increases, if interacting drugs (Table 3) are added and during illness.

The thiazide-type diuretics such as dichlothiazide poithiazide, are used in limited quantities in case of diabetes mellitus of 2nd type. * Primary aldosteronism and hyperaldosteronism secondary to cirrhosis or nephrotic syndrome: spironolactone is labeled for this use. Symptoms such as weakness, leg cramps or being tired may result. Thiazide-like diuretics, indapamide in particular, are the safest for diabetics. They excrete manganese along with potassium and kalium, that is why diabetic should eat many products that contain these initial elements, for example oatmeal, boiled buckwheat, fresh fruits, nuts and berries. The newest of preparations, which are good for immediate intake by diabetics, are modifications of indapamide – indapamide-retard, aka arifon. One side of the cell (the apical side) faces the lumen; the opposite side (the basolateral side) faces the interstitial space near blood vessels.

Besides all info listed above arifon does not affect kidneys.

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