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Diabetic No Bake Cookies

No-bake chocolate drop cookies. Dr Sohail Abbas, one of the GPs leading the BBD campaign, said: “It’s especially important to look after your feet if you have diabetes because it can reduce the blood supply to your feet and cause a lack of sensations. All of us had type 2 diabetes and all of us, for one reason or another, were scared to death of food. Cookies are often made with artificial sweeteners and basically, a lot of sugar, which will raise your blood sugar level to the top when eating too much of them. Beat with an electric mixer on medium to high speed until soft peaks form (tips curl). Q is a good salesperson (winning toothless smile). Unfortunately, Uncle Rick didn’t realize our game and we were stuck in the hot, dark laundry room for quite a while.

Q:What is Eyrthritol? Insulin injections do the same thing as what your pancreas does for you except they have to decide how much insulin to take and when. Experts found that the stem cells of patients who took metformin were able to promote the repair of the blood vessels and there was an improvement in how vascular stem cells worked. In the following recipe I used a banana and half a cup of unsweetened applesauce instead of sugar. Somehow the ill effects of too much sugar didn’t seem to phase me as much in the early days of living with diabetes and with youth by my side. Here I used half the butter that the original recipe called for. The theory was that this might stave off a later attack of the killer munchies – one Snicker compared to inhaling the entire bag.

When it is mixed well, press it to the pan.

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