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Although psychosocial aspects of diabetic neuropathy (DN) have received far less attention than biological aspects, research conducted over the last decade has begun to illuminate several important pathways between DN and psychosocial outcomes, including depression, anxiety, and self-management of diabetic foot ulcer (DFU)-risk. Over time, high blood sugar levels can damage nerves in the foot. With reference to the foot and ankle, early manifestations of motor neuropathy include loss of the Achilles tendon reflex and evolving digital deformities of the toes. Demographic details, duration of diabetes and HbA1c values were recorded. Some patients complain of a burning needles-like pain. Comparisons were made between all of the groups and between each diabetic group and a healthy control group matched for walking speed. Charcot Foot can lead to ulcers in the feet that are difficult to heal often resulting in amputation and even death.

It can appear either without warning or steadily over a long period. Make extensive notes in the chart of any problems by drawing or labeling the finding on the foot diagram. This nerve damage results in sensations that range from tingling, to pain or numbness. For some people, the symptoms can be mild, while for others it can be severe, disabling and even fatal. Because diabetic neuropathy affects the nerves of the feet, even small injuries such as a blister or rubbing inside a shoe can go undetected. However, the signs and symptoms may nor start to show for one or two decades have diagnosis of diabetes. This can lead to infection which can be difficult to treat as the blood supply to neuropathic feet is compromised due to vascular damage.

What is the difference between a sign and a symptom?

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