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Diabetes mellitus following gestational diabetes: role of subsequent pregnancy – Russell – 2007 – BJOG:

Abstract People with diabetes have an increased prevalence of atherosclerosis and coronary heart disease and experience higher morbidity and mortality after acute coronary syndrome and myocardial infarction than people without diabetes. Persistent hyperglycaemia of diabetes is associated with micro as well as macro vascular complications like coronary heart disease, stroke, diabetic renal disease, diabetic retinopathy and neuropathy etc. Materials and Methods: The study involved 150 subjects, distributed in three groups; (1) 50 non-diabetic subjects (25 females and 25 males) (2) 50 controlled diabetic subjects (25 females and 25 males) and (3) 50 uncontrolled diabetic subjects (25 females and 25 males). IJMN hopes to be the leading platform for sharing outstanding research and knowledge with aim to encourage and empower young and budding professionals, students and scientist in our society. Considering the primary components of metabolic syndrome (hypertension, obesity and dyslipidemia), available data are uncertain, and it is no possible to reach a conclusion yet on either a direct or an indirect association with bladder cancer risk and prognosis. In this light, stem cell research & therapy in terms of diabetes has opened new avenues for diabetes treatment and received lot of attention recently. Selected patients were subjected to Mini International Neuropsychiatric Interview –Plus (MINI – Plus) for evaluation of symptoms and diagnosis.

Results. Many of the published reports of alterations in body composition associated with diabetes were limited in the ethnic composition of the sample, used only anthropometric measures of body composition, were studied in an elderly population, had low power to detect small differences and interactions or neglect to report them.

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