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Diabetes Forecast – September/October 2016 – 10

Trying new exercises can also keep your body guessing. The list captures some of the many people who are raising awareness, providing care, developing new technology and proving that life with diabetes can be an inspiring adventure. My “home” was one room on the second floor of a house owned by a local resident. Conditions such as kidney disease can alter how the body processes medications, which may affect glucose control. Those are some really scary numbers. But getting the shot even after the beginning of flu season is better than going without. Whether you find it on the Web or get it already programmed into your insulin pump or other device, nutritional information is at your fingertips.

He was also trying to gain weight. US$157 per year for non-professional members of the ADA. 5. Read more about Weed’s motivational story and his mission to lead a life of action. Beta Testing: Can sneaking insulin-producing cells into the body do away with insulin injections? Like the Mis;t trackers, Garmin activity trackers are water resistant with a 5 ATM rating, which means they can withstand pressure equal to a depth of 50 meters (about 164 feet). I loop it around my gear so it’s all in one bundle.

I just read the article “Dear Diabetes” by Ginger Netten [May/June;’ 16, p.; 32, diabetesforecast.org/ deardiabetes]. As my older brother, he was always bigger and stronger than me—a protector like big brothers are supposed to be. The only difference is it will not suspend basal insulin delivery. Our family of people with diabetes is lucky to have such a strong young leader in our midst. Kudos to Ginger Netten— and best wishes for a successful life in every way. My hope is that she will see a future in which this disease is eradicated. It is obvious that she will be a strong force in making this happen.

Ginger’s letter to diabetes is exactly how I feel about it. Three days later, I joined a weight-management program. I was diagnosed as type;1 when I was 48. After two years, I still feel like I am doing everything for the ;rst time. It is plain that the manufacturers are taking huge pro;ts from sick people whose very lives depend on insulin. By the grace of God, I am able to afford the two insulins that I need to stay alive. There must be thousands who cannot.

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