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The epidemiological evidence collected from three large US cohorts (Nurses’ Health Study, Nurses’ Health Study 2, and Health Professionals’ Follow-up Study) has yielded important information regarding the roles of overall diet, individual foods and nutrients, physical activity and other lifestyle factors in the development of type 2 diabetes. All programmes should be evidence based, with specific aims and objectives; Programmes should have a structured, theory driven curriculum with effective supporting materials; Programmes should be delivered by educators trained in education theory; and Programmes should be quality assured, reviewed by independent assessors and with outcomes regularly audited. Weight loss is by far the most effective way to reduce one’s risk of developing diabetes. The primary goal of the Global Partnership for Effective Diabetes Management is the provision of practical guidance to improve patient outcomes and, in this article, we aim to support healthcare professionals in appropriately tailoring type 2 diabetes treatment to the individual. This guideline describes a number of features for high-quality publications of qualitative research, which can also be used to design good qualitative studies. In a previous study (5), we followed a cohort of patients with diabetes who were prescribed new glucose-lowering medications. Because the two are so deeply connected, diabetes management can serve a dual purpose to protect hearing.

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