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Diabetes and food allergies: The connection?

A dominance of Th2 cytokine pattern is associated with allergic diseases, whereas a Th1 pattern has been reported in autoimmune type 1 diabetes (T1D). In this study were common allergens, cereals and dairy products.Allergies caused by saturated fats, is also one of the main triggers of diabetic adverse response to food intolerance.Saturated fats trigger the release of immune protein interleukin-1 beta.This protein reacts with the various organs and tissues and resists insulin. The main cause of allergic reactions is high antigenic activity of the protein impurities of pig and cattle (bovine) insulin. In my case, I have auto-antibodies against my islet cells, thyroid, skin (psoriasis) and soft tissue in my joints (psoriatic arthritis). We use flea meds. Moreover, the following blood investigations were done: total serum IgE, specific IgE antibodies to major inhalant allergens, and a multiplex cytokine analysis measuring levels of specific cytokines representing either Th1- or Th2- cytokines. Doctors admitted they were unsure of the best course of treatment because they have no previous cases to go off, and on Monday Taylor was transferred to Great Ormond Street Hospital.

Children with T1DM had significantly higher tumor necrosis factor alpha (TNFα) levels than healthy controls. Insulin resistance can result from many causes, which include food allergies and other intolerances. Food allergy against egg, cow-milk, fish, nuts/almonds (one or in combination) implied risk for GADA and IA-2A (OR 4.5). The highly processed food that we eat these days, which is full of chemicals, can cause the very process of ingestion can to chronic inflammation in some cases. If the drug is replacing elusive, insulin is recommended to enter along with micro-doses of hydrocortisone. Go figure. Well, that’s a touch dramatic, but you get my point.

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