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Concurrent onset of type 2 diabetes mellitus and central diabetes insipidus in an adult male

The Wolfram syndrome (MIM 222300) is a disease of unknown origin consisting of diabetes insipidus, diabetes mellitus, optic atrophy, and deafness. The nurse planning to teach a family about Tay-Sachs disease understands the pattern of inheritance for inborn errors of metabolism is usually: a. The condition is not preventable — if a cat’s going to get it, a cat’s going to get it. We need participants who are willing to write to their local A&E staff, ward nurses, and pharmacists; all working in non-endocrine hospital settings. It can only be stated that neurohypophyseal diabetes insipidus can be a component of the syndrome and that in many cases–particularly in the presence of lesions of the efferent urinary tract–the possibility of nephrogenous diabetes insipidus can not be excluded with certainty. Upon admission, polyuria with a very low urine specific gravity and osmolality was noted (suggestive of increased water loss). A water deprivation test was performed and confirmed central diabetes insipidus.

d. Normally, ADH is produced by the brain, enters the bloodstream, and affects several areas of the body, particularly the kidneys. The findings of this study have helped fuel The Foundations campaign and are included in the template letter we are asking participants to send out. Low urine specific gravity and osmolality as well as persistence of polyuria despite adequate control of DM are useful clues to reach the correct diagnosis.

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