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Colonoscopy Prep Tips: What Doctors Tell Their Friends | Reader’s Digest

Colonoscopy is a way to look at the inside of the colon or lower bowel with a flexible tube called a colonoscope. Discuss with Dr Gutman and your cardiologist any blood thinners you are on including Plavix, Ticlid, Effient, Coumadin, Warfarin and Lovenox. 7 days before the examination: • Stop taking iron preparation. Please ask for advice from the physician that prescribes your insulin. For diabetics taking only diabetic pills simply stop the pills the day before the procedure (see below). You may also want to purchase moist bathroom or “Tucks” wipes to help with irritation. We have had a few friends who have been told the same thing and even my husbands history of cancer (not colon) the ongologist hasn’t suggested having another one, but our primary care doctor thinks this is crazy.

Diabetics should bring a blood sugar meter and test strips with them when they arrive for the colonoscopy, as WebMD advises. Start drinking the solution at a slower pace. Preparation program that is customized just for you, to ensure that your bowel is cleaned out effectively and less invasively for a successful colonoscopy. Pounding migraine, mess all over the place and some nurse tells me to “come back another day!!!”. I was only at 94 when I woke up at 6:00 before the procedure, and at 9:30 before heading to the hospital, I checked it again and it was at 119. Food and Drug Administration has recently issued an alert advising against the use of OSP products in patients with kidney disease, impaired renal function or perfusion, dehydration, or uncorrected electrolyte abnormalities. Recent research has shown that “split dosing” leads to a better visualization of the colon.

Liquids on a colonoscopy diet prep to take include apple juice, water, sports drinks, gelatin, frozen pops, diet soda, coffee and broth. “Split your prep time” Taking half of the preparation the evening before and half the morning of the procedure is becoming more common, says Harry Sarles, MD, president of the American College of Gastroenterology. (With this type of prep, you typically need to take only one day off from work.) Research shows this method clears the bowels more effectively. This may mean it will be less likely that you’ll have to repeat the test because your colon was too clogged for your doctor to see it well. “Constipated? If you are taking any blood thinner medications such as Coumadin, Heparin, Ticlid or Plavix, these may or may not be stopped before your test. Most other medications can be delayed until after the procedure.

On the day of the procedure: • If colonoscopy is scheduled for the afternoon/evening, drink 1 l of still water with 1 Fortrans sachet dissolved in it, in the morning of the day of the examination. You may mix the solution in the morning and refrigerate. Do not exceed 20 tablets. If your physician injects air, ask her to suction it out at the end of the procedure, which helps minimize gassiness and bloating.

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