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Clinical Trials: Type 1 Islet Efficacy

What is this study about? We are planning a number of new development studies this year. The study aims to contact all 6,400 families in Scotland affected by the condition, with a view to expanding into England at a later date. These include the single peptide vaccines insulin, GAD(65) (glutamic acid decarboxylase), and DiaPep277 (an immunogenic peptide from the 60-kDa heat shock protein). It had been slated to start early this year, but now the partners have said it won’t begin until the second half of 2016. 0.225 events/month; P = 0.001). The results are a big disappointment, particularly as mid-stage trials reported in 2014 suggested adding liraglutide to insulin could increase the proportion of patients meeting HbA1c targets without increasing hypoglycaemic episodes.

Etanercept will be given on the day of transplant and on Days 3, 7, and 10 post-transplant. Compared with basal, VPT had improved by 25% after 52 weeks of C-peptide therapy (Δ for combined C-peptide groups: −4.5 ± 1.0 μm, placebo group: −0.1 ± 0.9 μm; P < 0.001). The system has been shown to represent adequate glucose fluctuations in T1DM observed during meal challenges, and has been accepted by the Food and Drug Administration as a substitute to animal trials in the preclinical testing of closed-loop control strategies. You may also sign up at the Diabetes Research Registry if you are specifically interested in diabetes-related studies. The log-rank test was used to examine differences between cumulative incidence curves. He was thirsty, not vomiting and had his snacks prior to the hospital visit. Patients will be allocated to one of three groups and will have a 3 out of 4 chance of receiving the MultiPepT1De vaccine within each group.

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