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Chlorella (Chlorella pyrenoidosa)

Chlorella, a type of unicellular fresh wateralgae, has been a popular foodstuff in Japan and Taiwan. The older you are, the funnier you smell. A significant (p < 0.05) reduction of blood glucose level in diabetic chlorella-treated rats was observed compared to diabetic untreated. Dat is een van de redenen waarom het goed is tegen de nare gevolgen van een bestralingstherapie tegen kanker. Unrefined, cold processed oil from the Canadian hemp seed has a perfect 3:1 ratio of omega-6 to omega-3 fatty acids, a balance that has been shown to support heart health and promote proper cardiovascular function. In another study, 17 healthy people and 17 subjects at risk of metabolic diseases were fed algae for four months. Most chlorella available in the U.S. Every 10 grams of spirulina can supply up to 70% of the minimum daily requirements for iron, and about three to four times of minimum daily requirements for vitamins A (in the form of beta carotene), B complex, D,and K. Scientists recently examined a fat in your blood stream called palmitoleic acid, also called palmitoleate. Chlorella also helped clear dioxin, a toxin, from the milk [Source: Nakano]. There are many green foods which are good sources of chlorophyll, but the latest laboratory tests have shown that Chlorella has more than five times more chlorophyll per serving than wheat grass, and ten times more than alfalfa and barley. Be aware, however, that many experts are now saying the vitamin B12 in chlorella is not highly bioavailable, so other sources should remain in the diet. Chlorella has powerful anticancer abilities. Research data reveals that it usually takes at from 1 to 3 months for any dramatic change in the body. Micro algae are primitive organisms; they were among the first life forms on earth. Chlorella is tolerated well, with most human studies listing no significant side effects. He discovered that patients who either consumed a diet rich in nucleic acids or took a supplement for at least 2 months looked and felt 6 to 12 years younger. This wonderful algae has been used medicinally to extract mercury, cadmium, lead and other heavy metals from the body as well as PCB, chemical compounds used in plastics, insulation, flame retardant, and DDT, that have the potential to cause cancer or liver damage. It is harvested while the plant is young before the grain develops. Tevens bevat chlorella 50-60% aan eiwitten. If a product does not specifically tell you that the cell wall has been broken, you are likely flushing your money down the toilet as the chlorella will simply pass right through you without doing you any good. Amino Acids. But it's not just the alternative medicine fraternity who are fans. Chlorella is a great source of fiber and encourages the growth of beneficial micro-flora which may be helpful for those who are trying to lose weight or maintain their ideal weight. Chlorella can stimulate and normalize an underactive bowel and thereby assist in the treatment of constipation. The high chlorophyll content is thought to detoxify the body and to promote colon health by keeping the bowel clean. GINGER has a long tradition of being very effective in alleviating symptoms of gastrointestinal distress. Nothing can compare to the way it feels to be powered by a true superfood.

By nourishing the liver, Chlorella is said to help promote healthy liver function, and its ability to eliminate toxins in the liver further protects it from malfunctions. Patients that are suffering from major diseases are recommended to see and follow a doctor’s directions for recommended dosage. Your general prosperity will improve and you will appreciate life without limitations extent. It also cleanses the breath and reduces body odor. Chlorella extracts also help to decrease urine and fecal odors due to incontinence. You’ll also want to make sure the chlorella is grown in unpolluted areas, since chlorella binds to heavy metals. It  is cleansing and energizing to body with its antioxidants, multi-vitamins and minerals to fight against free radicals, which are the robbers of healthy cells and our aging factors.

Chlorella is an alkaline food, which means it counters acidity. This promotes increased bone mass, since the body does not have to sacrifice minerals from the bones to create proper acid/alkaline balance. The consumption of alkaline foods has been linked to improved immune function, kidney function, higher energy levels and lower allergic responses. New mutant viruses which can rapidly damage the DNA of healthy human cells are increasing worldwide. For years, scientists have been examining this humble, two billion year old plant, whose hardiness is a tribute to its unusually effective DNA repair mechanisms. When people are over the age of 20, been significantly reduced secretion of growth hormone, cell division rate of decline will continue to decrease. Uw darmen moeten namelijk nog wennen aan de alg.

A. Chronically ill people, especially those with cancer, often have depressed levels of helper cells and elevated levels of suppressor cells in their blood. High amounts of Chlorella extract taken orally for 6 weeks, have been shown to reverse this blood ratio in some people. Chlorella actually stimulates the body’s own immune system so the body can fight cancer better. The concentrated form is more natural and effective than weaker competing solutions with additives. The high RNA/DNA contents of Chlorella can prevent mental deterioration, but they also supply us with the nucleic acids for cell rejuvenation, growth and repair, DNA is a chemical activator for new cells and helps to initiate aging reversal. The nutrients found in Chlorella may boost brain function and effectively increase mental capacity, and offers good hope for protection against the damage of brain cells caused by environmental toxins.

In one study, participants with fibromyalgia who consumed 10 grams of chlorella daily noticed a definite improvement in general symptoms and quality of life. But beyond this, it was found that by supplying the body with nucleic acids, people can look and feel younger, from 6 to 12 years, younger than they actually are. This has sometimes been referred to as the fountain of youth. If you don’t eat many dark green leafy vegetables every day, chlorella can make up for it — and then some. No genetically modified organisms (GMO’s) are involved. All other products that are distributed by us meet our high quality standards. Instructions:  Use 6-12 drops in juice or water, under the tongue or as desired.

May be taken 3 times daily. Shake well. Start with as little as 500mg of Chlorella per day and then increase as needed. Keep out of reach of children. Disclaimer:  The information presented herein by New Way Herbs is intended for educational purposes only. The current results suggest that the hypoglycemic effects of Chlorella are due to an enhancement of glucose uptake in the liver and in soleus muscles. Individual results may vary, and before using any supplements, it is always advisable to consult with your own health care provider.

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