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It has been estimated that world-wide around 7.5 billion disposable needles are used outside a medical setting to treat diabetes and other conditions requiring self-administration of injected drugs. Six hundred and eight preferred to use disposable equipment even if it meant reusing it; of the 413 who already bought disposable needles, 211 reused them, and of the 234 who bought disposable syringes, 153 reused them. Why these same providers continue to prescribe insulin via syringes in 2008 is something that I cannot fathom. Preference for insulin delivery method among patients was obtained through an Insulin Injection Preference Questionnaire, which uses a 5 point scoring scale (1 = not preferred, 5 = preferred). When I demanded a store manager, conveyed my history of hassle-free purchases, made it clear that I was well-aware that there is no law in my state requiring anything to purchase syringes, and threatened to take my entire business elsewhere, the pharmacist begrudgingly sold me a box, but not after an audible scoff. Syringes were another matter. Data on a comparison of patient practice in relation to age, length of time using insulin and recall of syringe disposal advice are given.

Have you been using the U40 syringes up to now? The ReliOn 3/10 cc Short Needle syringe (botton) compared to the B-D UltraFine II syringe (top). In legal terms, moving a drug to a secondary container forms a new medicine, which is defined as a drug manufacture, and a pharmacist should be involved at all stages. B-D ULTRA-FINE II syringes cost about US$20 per 100, compared with US$14 per 100 for Monoject 29 gauge syringes. B-D syringes are available in 3/10, 1/2 and 1 cc sizes; come in a plastic package of 10 and are individually sterilized. (d/b/a Children with Diabetes), a 501c3 not-for-profit organization, which is responsible for its contents. I really enjoyed the opportunity to witness insulin delivery and to hear more about the day-to-day challenges that individuals with diabetes in New Jersey are facing.

Although not recommended, twelve (43%) disinfect the needle with alcohol for reuse. There are many products aimed at adults with type 2 diabetes that are not appropriate or suitable for children or adults with type 1 diabetes. With 5 pens in a box, the patient will need 3 boxes of pens for a 3-month supply. These states require a prescription to order syringes or needles. Please fax your prescription to (800)-931-1915 or send it by email to customer-service@totaldiabetessupply.com. For 50 units or less. BD is a leading manufacturer of needles, syringes, and medical products designed for both professional and personal use.

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