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[2] Gall CF. Oz is coming your way followed by throngs of people who haven’t eaten since that time they tried garcinia cambogia. I had heard before of the benefits of camels milk but never thought too much about it. Milking and riding camels is extremely common elsewhere, particularly in native camel habitats. These claimed therapeutic actions have recently been the subject of numerous studies, and there is now mounting scientific information detailing the constituents of camel milk and urine as well as their therapeutic components. This is because camel milk is one great source of insulin, which is responsible for regulating blood glucose. But there just isn’t enough to go round.

• Camel milk is closer to human milk than any other milk. At the same time, Smits had to ensure there was a market for his product. Depending on your location, we will work out a way of  getting the milk to you. These dogs were housed individually in the Tunisian Veterinary Medicine School, Sidi Thabet. Claim 3: Its ideal for pregnancy as it’s low in fat and calcium-rich ‘Its richness in phosphorus and calcium makes it excellent for pregnancy,’ says Dr Parviz. It stimulates the host’s immune response and has antimicrobial activity. Camels are rare in the United States, which is the main reason why camel milk is considerably more expensive than cow’s milk.

Through analysis of the camel milk, it became fairly clear why it has such incredible preventative potential. ‘The problem with cow’s milk today is that it’s almost not real anymore. The majority of cow milk products in supermarkets are supplied by mass production facilities, which use mainly corn and bone powders to feed cattle, as well as antibiotics and stimulating hormones, all of which can trigger allergies.’ Dr Loubser agrees that it’s possible for a child allergic to cow’s milk to drink camel’s milk without a reaction. So, there is a great need for strict hygienic measures during the production and handling of camel milk.

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