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Brown Seaweed Causes Cancer Cells to Self-destruct

Our diets are being broken down by the digestive systems before being absorbed by our bodies via blood streams. Leading researchers from around the world state they have never seen one ingredient do more for the human body than fucoidan. Limu allows many Tongans to live past the age of 100 Limu Moui’s main ingredient is Fucoidan which has many different health benefits. Jax is now insulin dependent and will be for the rest of his life. Reviews are not intended as a substitute for appropriate medical care or the advice of a physician or another medical professional. The Company is focused on delivering nutraceutical formulas that can help diabetes and heart disease, along with new diagnostics for early detection of a predisposition to these disease states. Cancer cells, however, do not die off by themselves.

Limu Moui with its fucoidan is wonderful. In studies, Fucoidan has been shown to stimulate the immune system by increasing the number of “natural killer cells” which are created by the spleen to kill harmful cells, such as cancerous tumor cells. Blood glucose levels and blood pressure were lowered significantly only in people given the 144-milligram daily dose of Ecklonia extract. Rather, fucoxanthin works in combination with the mineral iodine that’s also present in brown seaweed. When the thyroid is supplied with a sufficient amount of iodine, the endocrine system is rehabilitated and functions more efficiently — and this increases your body’s metabolic speed, thereby enabling your body toburn calories faster and prevent the accumulation of body fat. ==> Alginates – Alginic acid, also called algin or alginate, is an anionic polysaccharide that exists in the cell walls of brown algae. The alginate content of brown seaweed detoxifies the body of strontium, uranium, mercury, lead — and hundreds of toxic chemicals that we’re exposed to in modern society.

2005 Dec;51(6):475-7. In supplemental form, fucoidan may cause diarrhea, but it should improve as soon as you stop taking the supplement. It is believed that the rates of breast cancer in Japan are significantly lower than they are in the Western world because the Japanese consume higher quantities of seaweed. A sufficient level of iodine reactivates the thyroid, and consequently regulates other glands and organs, including the pancreas, gall bladder, kidneys, adrenals, and even the liver. Because of the publicity that brown seaweed has received in recent years, including a feature article in Time Magazine, it’s not surprising that most people are heading to the nearest health food store and buying brown seaweed. However, there is a danger in simply buying brown seaweed in the form of kelp,  kombu or kombu powder as a dietary supplement. Warning:  Consuming large amounts of kombu can actually backfire on you because kombu consists of indigestible cellulose or non-soluble fiber.

Even taking a teaspoon or tablespoon of kombu powder, which appears finely ground, can feel like shrapnel to your colon because it is an insoluble substance. Other of its components, such as xylose and glucuronic acid, are found in the make-up of cell walls.

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