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Borderline Diabetes: What You Need to Know

Pre-diabetes doesn’t exist. HbA1c is an average Glucose level of past 3 months. They surpisingly stayed CLOSE to normal. The diabetes researcher Ralph Defronzo suggests that by the time you are diagnosed with outright diabetes, you have lost 80% of your beta cell function. The A1C level represented in the model graphic is 12%, an average blood sugar reading of 298 mg/dL. Coming from an A1c of 6.4 (diabetic) down to a 5.8 (non-diabetic) still leaves you “on the fence”. To determine your blood glucose levels, your doctor will perform a fasting blood glucose test.

My fasting sugar before my doctors appointment was 88, I had 2 hard boiled eggs for breakfast & my sugar was 138 2 hours later at my doctor. So if your concern is to keep your nerves, heart, kidneys and retinas healthy your focus should be on keeping your blood sugars normal, not in avoiding a technical “diabetes” diagnosis. Do you  see any  relevance  in that  or  All  my symptoms  were  Diabetes from  day  1. For breakfast, which I only eat when I’m home in the morning, I’ll eat Wheaties, a few slices of cheese, and a serving of fruit. Your doctor may decide that you have prediabetes if your A1C result is between 5.7% and 6.4%, depending on the lab running the test. An  A1C test screens a person’s average blood sugar level over the past three months. Our findings suggest that HbA1c may have value as a screening tool to identify high-risk non-diabetic cardiac surgery patients.

If you implement these changes in your life, the chances for experiencing this problem will be very low. Any carbohydrate-containing food can cause elevations in blood sugar, even foods that you don’t consider to be sweet. The study presented here consisted of a baseline survey for a randomized controlled trial to examine whether dietary supplementation with powdered green tea extract improves glucose abnormalities. As far as a second opinion, it doesn’t hurt as long as the lab is different than one you just used. Increased urination, increased thirst, and unexplained weight loss are the main symptoms of diabetes. One benefit of this test is that, unlike the fasting blood sugar, it doesn’t matter what or when you ate last. The participants were divided into two groups.

The World Health Organization (WHO) say the A1C test is the best way to diagnose full diabetes, although the test is not available in all countries around the world. A group of five scientists in Maastricht, The Netherlands, carefully studied the effects of cinnamon and found that it doesn’t work.

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