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Far more than any other football game, the Super Bowl is a sporting event like no other, watched and celebrated by millions coast to coast at parties big and small. We’re talking about your resolutions. Thanksgiving is day to celebrate the love of friends and family, and to count our blessings for all the wonderful things in our lives. Unfortunately, not all of the information about diabetes found online is based on facts. First, I would say to be successful you have to educate yourself about what is healthy and what is not healthy. The American Heart Association found omega-3 fatty acids, often referred to as “good fats”, are beneficial for the heart. Chronic unrelieved pain or fibromyalgia may also cause blood sugar changes.

“I want to thank American Diabetes Wholesale for their generous donation and wonderful support for our event. The goal is to incorporate ‘good fats’ into your daily diet. Many people with diabetes experience no symptoms and have silent heart attacks which may not be documented until much later. Patients who skip their daily diabetes medicines will have blood sugar fluctuations. Just like my other Omron, I can put it in my pocket and go. Their major effect is on post prandial blood sugars. Existing medicine dosages that are increased or decreased will have an impact on sugars.

Certain patients do not take medications as prescribed. And the more muscle you have, the more calories you’ll burn! This term has also not been formally defined by the FDA or American Diabetes Association. Learn Something New. Now for a limited time, get 40% OFF. They have a wide variety of insulin supplies and carry practically every brand. Also, test your blood sugar at bedtime and then in the morning.

If you take rapid acting insulin (Novolog / Humalog), you should eat within 15 minutes or you may suffer from hypoglycemia. Limit fatty foods such as cream, chitterlings, sausage or bacon. Site rotation and rotation of insulin injections can also be the reason for blood sugar swings. Put together by the ADW Diabetes team, you’ll find something tasty for anyone watching their health. After several injections in one quadrant a patient may develop hard lumps, indentations or thick skin. This can prevent proper insulin absorption and result in poor blood sugar management. Changing the site selection from day to day may result in blood sugar variations.

Insulin is best absorbed in the abdomen because it is quick and consistent. Using alternative sites including the arm, leg and buttock will possibly cause swings due to absorption rates. When using an insulin pen you should always remove the used needle after your shot and only replace it with a new one at the time of the next injection; otherwise the insulin in the pen could leak and be ruined; this will cause variations in sugar readings. The benefits of intensive treatment of type 1 diabetes, established almost 20 years ago (1) , are difficult to achieve, despite the increased use of insulin analogs and insulin pumps, with only a minority of patients maintaining their glycated hemoglobin A1c (HbA1c) within the target range (2). Levemir is available in either vial or pen form. Set a timer or place it on the table if you have trouble remembering your second dose. Always check tubing, tape and site placement when using an insulin pump.

Make sure you are getting adequate insulin from your pump to prevent blood sugar fluctuations. We too had a share in that cross. Try to avoid it, learn to say no, meditate, count to 10, exercise, find a hobby, volunteer, see a therapist or make a list on how to reduce stress. Everyone has stress, but learning how to handle and cope with it will help you improve your blood sugars and keep them steady. If you are following a portion control eating plan and you suddenly change it for a celebration, night out, holiday party or trip you may notice fluctuations in your sugar. If you skip, delay a meal or delete carbohydrates completely you will have variations in your sugar which could be dangerous. Never skip meals.

Diabetes Care published a small study stating that “too much diet soda can increase blood sugars even though it is sugar free.” Sugar free soda is extremely sweet and one theory is “it causes you to crave more sweets which may increase weight and blood sugars.” Check with your healthcare provider and use sugar free products in moderation. These are just a few reasons why your blood sugars vary from day to day. It can be frustrating but if you know what causes blood sugar changes you can make a difference! Look for more in Part 2 of “Why blood sugars swing high or low.” Stay informed!

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