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Other terms used for a heart attack include myocardial infarction, cardiac infarction, and coronary thrombosis (Infarction refers to the process whereby an area of dead tissue is caused by a loss of blood supply). In fact, many patients have signs that something is wrong with their heart for weeks or even months before they actually have a cardiac event, and doctors warn that sometimes those signs may be subtle, according to WebMD. I wondered what was wrong with me—could it be the flu or food poisoning or an injury? This common thread is insulin resistance. It did not look at whether snoring leads to heart attacks. The disease can affect the microvascular (small vessel) arteries of the body, resulting in eye and kidney disease. Both groups were also prescribed alternative medications to treat related problems like high blood pressure, for example.

The most common symptom, in both men and women, is chest pain or discomfort. Upper body discomfort. 25th ed. Shortness of breath during normal daily activities, indigestion, and anxiety may also be early heart attack signs or symptoms of cardiac distress in women. Short-acting nitroglycerin also comes in a spray version that you spritz under your tongue. Accessed Feb. According to the Society of Cardiovascular Patient Care, early heart attack symptoms occur in 50 percent of all people who have heart attacks.

As the disease progresses and the heart becomes weaker, treatment gets more complex.

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