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The purpose of this paper is to report a survey of 1,360 downloads of the AIDA interactive educational diabetes simulator. Since its launch on the World Wide Web in 1996 over people have visited these AIDA Web pages and over copies of the program have been downloaded from here free-of-charge. AIDA is only intended to be used for educational / teaching / demonstration purposes. Since its Internet launch in 1996, over 145,000 visits have been logged at the AIDA Website–www.2aida.org–and over 29,000 copies of the program have been downloaded, free of charge. Given this, the output from AIDA should be regarded as only applying to hypothetical cases (or “imaginary” patients), and not to a single real subject. In this respect, this column documents some of the independent user comments about AIDA sent in spontaneously via electronic mail (email) by patients with diabetes and their relatives, as well as by health-care professionals. As AIDA v4 is currently limited to 4 insulin administrations (injections) per day – if you can make one of these long-acting entry times correspond to a meal (and therefore a bolus), that will permit 3 boluses to be given to AIDA.

Joe came into hospital to have his glycaemic control improved, as doctors were concerned about the risks of him suffering a serious hypoglycaemic attack. Using some of the data collected by Joe while in hospital, we will demonstrate how AIDA might be applied either in a clinical setting to provide therapeutic advice or in an educational setting to interactively teach diabetic patients about their diabetes and educate them to adjust their own insulin injections and diet.

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