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In 2015 the International Diabetes Federation reported the astonishing statistic that Pacific island countries or territories accounted for eight of the top ten in the world for diabetes prevalence. The authors evaluated the current diabetic foot screening and prevention programme of the diabetes outpatient clinic of their university hospital, by assessing the presence of risk factors for the development of foot disorders and the preventive measures taken. Infrared thermography is a promising modality for such a system. This is a cross-sectional study of a cohort of 62,681 patients aged ≥ 25 years from SNDR database, selected for studying foot complications associated with diabetes and related risk factors. On the bone scans, all seven osteomyelitic foci were detected. The journal will begin accepting articles immediately. Indeed an estimated 17 per cent of Pacific islanders with diabetes will require amputation.

Basal preventive shoe adaptations were absent in most patients at risk. Nonrigid landmark-based registration with B-splines solved the second problem. Other measurements, such as decompression of lower extremity nerves, should be considered among diabetic patients. A false-negative 111In-IgG study was observed in a patient with severe arterial angiopathy. The entire article is available in HTML and PDF format presentation. The structure of the health systems in many Pacific island nations makes promoting multidisciplinary treatment challenging, as each professional group tends to work in isolation, with little collaboration and co-ordination. It is this sites attempt to bring you quality journal articles without a subscription fee, quick and easily over the internet without the long wait for printed material.

The benefits include rapid, full and free access to journal quality articles. We hope you enjoy this platform. It is the sites goal to provide free and useful information that can be shared within the various professions that manage the diabetic foot. It is also our attempt to bridge information between various professions such as Podiatry, Foot & Ankle orthopaedics and a variety of other medical disciplines. The clinic focuses on primary wound care, orthotic offloading, provision of ongoing diabetes and foot care education, and referrals to appropriate allied services.

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