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A Day In the Life With Type 1 Diabetes

Parents Overall I have nothing but wonderful and positive things to say about Camp Hendon. The bad news: Egg eaters were more likely to develop type 2 diabetes. You can manage your diabetes. So, I’m not the “typical” patient for type 2; I have a strong genetic component at work here. They meant my chores stopped and the Twinkie box opened. For 25 days a month, study participants went back to their regular eating habits — good or bad They were not asked to change their diet and still saw positive changes. The next patient presents for treatment of a ganglion on the top of the foot which was caused by poor biomechanics.

May 20 marked five years since his son was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. Then you tell it to give you a booster dose, called a “bolus,” to cover the meals you eat. In this video, Creasy can be seen training a dog named Charlie. to 2 p.m. On any given weekday, I usually get up pretty early to get ready for work, not unlike millions of other Americans who do the same. As a certified diabetes educator since 2003, I spend hours educating patients and their families about diabetes. Hmmm, I thought, maybe I actually can wear an insulin pump while I’m still playing (I would later try wearing one in part because of his and others’ encouragement).

By cutting myself with a razor-sharp device called a lancet in order to make myself bleed enough to conduct a blood glucose test, which is as barbaric as it sounds because we haven’t done any better than that yet. #&@#*&$ breakfast is a bitch isn’t it? What did I eat for dinner last night? “Maintaining blood sugar in the normal range helps protect blood vessels, prevent nerve damage, and makes it easier for your vagina to fight off infections,” Streicher says. He also needed to be referred to the dietician and referred for diabetes retinopathy screening. I visit Alf next. Why does it ruin my morning?

We face lows and highs, taking shots every time we eat, and the situations we each deal with. While the study – widely picked up by the media – found increasing carotid artery plaque as more eggs were eaten, it did not prove that eating eggs caused this. No coffee (that would send the numbers even higher) which really ruins mornings for many people. Please stop telling me how to “get rid of it” because if I could, I would. Luckily, not leaving the house without glucose tablets or protein bars was put into the daily routine years ago, but even the best of us forget. metropolis where I live does, and rely on public transit to wisk me into work — it’s just 8 weeks away … wooo hooo!

Until then, I rely on traffic-choked freeways that are overcrowded and often, falling apart with holes, car bumbers in the break-down lane (where one actually exists) on what has been dubbed the world’s longest parking lot. Pumpers often test six or more times a day because the pump makes it so easy to do something with the results of their tests. All of this happens before 8:00 AM EST. When I arrive at work, my day is a lot like anyone elses; I work in a consulting firm, so some days are chaotic, others are quiet depending on projects we are engaged to do, people’s travel schedules, etc. However, my colleagues waltz into the office at random times, so I find my mornings to be by far my most productive hours; the phone hasn’t yet starting ringing, and the interruptions are fewer. I actually like working in the morning because of that, plus by that time, if I haven’t been able to eat, I can actually do so from my desk at work. As I embarked on my fifth diabetes sports camp this past February, those positive feelings had hardly eroded.

in my dreams, maybe!! Arden carries a small bag that holds her phone, OmniPod PDM, lance, a juice box, bit of candy and extra supplies with her throughout the day. They are 9.9 – show me some toast! If you have trouble sleeping, these simple tips can help. Understanding the extra demands on GPs and practice nurses in managing patients with chronic diseases – as opposed to dealing with acute conditions – is central to all of this. There is no electricity in the cottage and only cold water from the taps. That may consist of follow-up phone calls, perhaps a meeting and/or conference call, seeking out deliverables from colleagues, etc., etc., etc.

At Camp Hendon we build lifelong relationships with interns, counselors and other kids. At present, I still work in the suburbs, so I might stop by the large supermarket located down the street from my office to pick up any grocery items I’ve run out of. That usually consists of fresh produce items which are both more plentiful, fresher and much less costly in the suburbs than they usually are in NYC. The zoom on my computer at work was up to 300%; I couldn’t even see the screen on my phone. My evenings are pretty calm; make dinner, watch the evening news, possibly catch something on TV, and maybe catch up with some follow d-bloggers on Twitter before going to sleep for the evening. I no longer wear an insulin pump, so I use NPH overnight (by choice) because I actually require a bit of a peak (I still would prefer Lente, but that’s a separate diatribe) and have had absolutely horrendous results with Lantus, which works way too long into the next day, yet ironically still failed to cover my digestible proteins consumed with dinner. Of course, with generics looming in the not-too-distant future, we might actually see a resurrection in the Lente series, which most doctors considered superior to NPH.

The reason: NPH works well in premixed insulin varieties sold primarily to the type 2 audience (not that premixed gives them better glycemic control, but it’s easier for primary care doctors to prescribe, thus the world’s worst medium-length insulin is the only one now on the market. I’m not at a point where I’m ready to reconsider pumping because I went through a HUGE hassle with my insurance company just to get my test strips covered, and don’t have the stomach to endure another lengthy appeals process on a pump, even if the pump company does all the work. It’s just not worth the effort for me, as when I did wear a pump, I did not have better glycemic control. Whatever … the bottom line is that this crap is par for the course in the day of the life with type 1 diabetes. I have come to the realization that I will be denied the simple pleasure of ever being able to eat without pre-planning, an innocent pleasure that the average person has absolutely no appreciation for unless this disease is cured. Frankly, given how long treatment advances take to get approvals, I may never see it.

But if one believes in karma, then ME and my fellow PWDs will be able enjoy this forever more in the afterlife, while everyone else will have to suffer with this bulls#!t (of course, I could be paying for transgressions in a previous life with this today) but as long as I have the ability to influence the day to day numbers for life with diabetes, then I also plan to use my influence to fund research towards a CURE (that means funding for the JDRF or the DRI, two organizations with an explict goal of eradicating type 1 diabetes.

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