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A Bitter Route to Long Life? – Ask Dr. Weil

I have no personal experience with bitter melon and it is hard to say how strong the tea is (I doubt it is as strong as taking the pills,but I don’t know)  but what little I have read, it can have an additive effect to whatever you are taking for diabetes. Ampalaya (Momordica charantia), also known as bitter melon or bitter gourd, is a medicinal herb that is traditionally used as a home remedy for various illnesses. The nutritional value is due to high mineral and vitamin content; its bitterness is attributed to the presence of alkaloids, momordicosides, and momordicines. I’m having none of those symptoms and in fact I have felt like I have had more energy. Several animal studies and small-scale human studies have demonstrated a hypoglycemic effect of concentrated bitter melon extracts. Her next remark was, “anything that is bitter is good for you.”  Today, it is one of my favourite plants and it is really a good blood cleanser. Bitter gourd also contains a number of natural compounds with biological activity, including alkaloids, glycosides and triterpenoids.

Clinical trial data with human subjects are limited and flawed by poor study design and low statistical power. However, the proven historic benefit of this plant is well known. Many in Li’s family are diabetic and they’ve used bitter melon for generations. Stomach and intestinal disorders. Early studies have shown that a protein in bitter melon called MAP30 may have antiviral activity, but this has not been studied in humans. As far as HIV is concerned, some research suggests that a component of bitter melon may prevent the virus from infecting human cells, and laboratory studies indicate that one component of the herb may help slow the growth of some cancers. I’m thrilled but I wonder about him lowering it too fast.

In the Philippines, Cerasee is cultivated as a vegetable and cooked like other leafy vegetables. In some studies, people taking bitter melon developed headaches. All you have to do is to read more at healthandnaturalmedicine.com … I have yet to take the remains of the tea after boiled and put it in my food to eat it. A study published in Phytotherapy in 2005 found out that taking bitter melon tea in higher temperature increases the antioxidant activity occurring inside the body. Buy some at your local Asian-themed market, or grow it yourself (seeds are readily available on the Internet) and see if its unique flavor appeals to you.

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