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9 best refined sugar-free treats

By Conor McLoughlin It’s a warm Monday evening and I’ve a lot on my mind. The Children’s Diabetes Program at Vanderbilt is committed to providing world-class patient care, comprehensive education and outreach programs, cutting-edge research and to training tomorrow’s specialists in children’s diabetes. The odd indulgence may actually benefit your health and general wellbeing. Which part was it, exactly, that you wanted me to watch before making any ill-informed remarks? Sterilise your jars before filling with the fruit spread before canning. “This simple but delicious caramel and fudge chocolate egg will be a hit with adults, teens and kids alike,” The GHI said, before vowing never to touch a piece of chocolate ever again. If you’d like to see some of our other Easter ideas, come over and visit at Raising Memories Blog!

Other people find it a bit of a struggle. In a study of 19,000 adults in the United States, eating eggs was associated with eating more fast foods (think egg and bacon breakfast muffins) and having a bigger waist circumference. Yvonne has checked this information with a dietician who encourages the idea that diabetic children should be involved in the selection of the eggs. This is “Living the Aloha Spirit! Chill for a few minutes in the cold water until the egg is completely cooled. Add remaining colored coconut butter to a Ziploc bag, cut out the tip and drizzle over top. One sugar bomb every so often isn’t going to make you fat or give you diabetes.

Instead of Daddy and I judging the eggs we decorate were going to add the eggs pictures to our Facebook page and let our friends judge the winner for us! Deviled eggs were stuffed with mashed canned tuna in place of the yolks. In a large review of 42 studies that lasted up to four months, researchers found some health benefits, such as reduced blood pressure, in studies where people drank cocoa drinks (21 trials), ate dark or milk chocolate (15 trials) or had other cocoa products. Create a scavenger hunt for your kids to find their Easter Baskets. Made from sweetener derived from fruit, Sweet Freedom Choc Shot is a liquid chocolate that’s not just for drinking – either make it into a hot chocolate (by stirring into hot milk), or drizzle over desserts, fruit or porridge. Tuck in the Box — Cat Clips #84 The cats discuss fashion, while Tipi plays with a string and Tuck investigates a box. Koko Black have a full 2014 Easter range available in store in Vic, W.A and Canberra.

Lola’s has launched two cupcakes in its 30-strong range that are refined-sugar-free – the cakes are sweetened with xylitol and agave nectar instead. The two refined-sugar-free varieties are chocolate and raspberry; the latter is filled with a delicious raspberry compote. They also contain lots protein and Vitamin D.

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