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5 Best Herbal Remedies For Kidney Failure

Diabetes has risen to epidemic levels in the United States and the CDC reports that between the years of 1980 and 2005, the number of new incidents of diabetes has basically doubled. In the US type-2 diabetes affects more than 8% of the population and cost the country $175 billion. Plus, it also aids in weight loss. Not only is Type 2 diabetes a preventable condition, it can even been cured with the simplest herbal treatments which are readily available along with a proper diet. The herbs are effective to keep the blood sugar level in check. In fact, the Hindi name for this herb means sugar destroyer. It is thought to be especially effective in helping those with diabetes in controlling their blood-glucose and cholesterol levels.

Thus, it seems that physicians can rely on these herbs and advise for the patients to improve management of diabetes. In type 2 diabetes, the body produces its own insulin, but the cells are unable to respond to it properly. It’s efficacy highly increases if used with karela  as well as it gets rid of constipation and flushes out all toxins from the body. Rhubarb also helps in managing diabetes- related kidney damage as this herb helps to regulate triglyceride levels, cholesterol levels and reduces blood sugar levels. One of the greatest benefits of Cedar Berry tincture is its ability to relieve digestive problems ranging from heartburn to irritable bowel syndrome, or IBS. Dandelion leaves have been traditionally useful to increase urine production and excretion but you can also choose for dandelion capsules available in all stores. It is a potent spice for preventing inflammation, particularly signals that are overactive in diabetes, including cytokines.

But drugs are not the only solution. The use of jambu fruit (jamun) is healthy for the body. In addition, the bilberry is more effective than blueberries at reducing the risk for some serious side effects caused by diabetes. For this reason we recommend consulting your doctor or specialist before you decide to incorporate any of these plants as part of your diet. This herb also contains Saponin, which helps to protect your kidneys from cellular damage caused by free radicals. Goldenseal should help but not cure diabetes. It is rich in antioxidants helping your kidneys to function better and knocking out free radicals.

Milk thistle helps to detoxify chemicals entering our body from alcohol consumption, environmental sources and medications, which are all the main reasons causing kidney failure. Ten different bioflavonoids have been found in Licorice tincture that has an effect of strengthening the immune system, protecting the body from cancer. Milk thistle is one of the best herbs helping to treat kidney failure and can be ingest-able in form of fluid extract. Herbs like licorice, horsetail, wheat-grass, flax-seed, green tea, hawthorn and parsley also help to treat kidney failure. So far, researchers have identified 32 active healing chemicals in this plant some of which may lead to treatment of conditions such as HIV, certain cancers, cold, flu and psoriasis. It acts as liver tonic and helps to tone the hepatic-biliary system.

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