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#4: Thriving On Fruit As A Diabetic: Robby Barbaro

Based on my experiences, the experiences of others, and my basic studies and personal research of physiology, nutrition, and the use of plant foods in the human diet, it is my opinion and my firmly held belief that a natural lifestyle is a path for moving toward, and continuing in, vibrant health, and is a way to live up to one’s quality-of-life and longevity potentials. I used to buy loads of it from my local salad bar; I excused the unhealthy ingredients with all the fresh veggies used in it. This is a fairly new raw vegan restaurant and I have heard good things about it. 4) Add seasonings to desired flavor. By correcting deficiencies, I’ve seen improvements over time. Some people follow the diet for ethical reasons while others embrace it for better health. I dealt with debilitating exhaustion, muscle weakness, enervation, insomnia, trembling, hormonal imbalances, breast lumps, hair loss, weight problems, fungal infections, excess mucus, pounding headaches, frequent illness (despite being on a healthy raw food diet)…the list goes on.

After eating my initial salad and spending a lot of time cutting up the tomatoes to make my salad juicy, I had a brilliant thought. It’s important to be prepared with options when hungry. I am happy to coach anyone who is looking to incorporate more raw fruits, veggies, & healthy habits into their current lifestyle. As for why I intermittent fast, personally I have recognized that fruitarians have complications when they eat it the 3000-12000 calorie range a day. The rest of the nutritional aims of the diet will fall in place. Real imaging data reveals the body’s inner anatomy slice by slice, from brain to base of spine. You aren’t even allowed to join their website if and I quote “Please note: We will not tolerate “anti-fruit” posts or advice that recommends calorie restriction/or the suggestion that others are “overeating on fruit”.

Angry. (1) In 2011, it was estimated that humans consumed about 55 grams of fructose per day (73 grams for adolescents) – that’s almost 4 times more fruit for adults and almost 5 times more fruit for adolescents. To my surprise, I found that eating a fruitarian diet was the simplest and most natural way of eating. I was extremely messed up…totally falling apart for a while there, and as you know, thought I was dying and needed total-care treatment. I can always be better and when I’ve got a friend like Robby, he reminds me how easy it is to eat a delicious raw fruit-filled meal. Recently we made a spiralized zucchini pasta with mango tomato sauce (recipe below)! Seems fructose provides the raw material cancer cells prefer to use to make the DNA they need to divide and proliferate.

And…I still don’t have an answer. “No one move, or I’ll snap this carrot in half, I swear it!” But just as an experiment, I think it’s worth eating only the parts of a plant that it does not harm the plant to eat. Robby is also putting the info out on Snapchat @MindfulDiabetic and Instagram so be sure to follow him there. After drinking the seawater, he will get even thirstier. Check out www.LetsGo180.com to read the rest of Robby’s 180 story and to be inspired by others who have created 180 degree changes in their lives, leading them to greater fulfillment and a creative life! Also take Dr. Eat raw food for a day, then allow yourself to eat something cooked/processed and feel the HUGE difference!

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