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20 things I hate about diabetes – Diabetes Can’t Stop Me!

And one of THE dumbest things I have ever seen on social media, is the use of the #diabetes for all sorts of hilarity such as #sugarrush #diabetes when people consume large plates of cakes, as if to say “I am headed for diabetes now” like it was a joke…well it is NO joke. It can be quite a shock for the person with diabetes and also for their family and friends. Aetna considers nutritional counseling of unproven value for conditions that have not been shown to be nutritionally related, including but not limited to asthma, attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder and chronic fatigue syndrome. In some ways that is true. You will still have plenty of points where diabetes is right up against your face, it is the primary thing you are dealing with right now, but in the main you are reasonably comfortable with it – until something upsets the apple cart….another health problem for example. Offering services and creating communities online and in social media is no longer a choice, but a must. We had to learn and learn fast, where there was a “portion” in all foods, which at the time was measured as 10 grams of carbohydrate per portion.

Patients receiving nutrition counselling were more knowledgeable about diabetes than those not receiving such counselling, and had a more positive outlook as to what it would take on the part of the patient and clinicians to manage the disease effectively. Inviting the general population to participate in a repeated screening and lifestyle counselling programme over five years did not result in lower incidence of diabetes after 10years of follow-up. Effective diabetes counsellors must address important issues with a patient to nurture better health. I initially had to do urine testing, which I hated as it felt so dirty but when the blood glucose monitor arrived – I also did not want to use this! My gut problems from gastroparesis continue to play with me. This leads to increased blood glucose levels and diabetes. 3) There are no perfectly 100 % accurate blood glucose monitors and do you KNOW how much difference a 1 or 2 mmol reading can make to some of us with type 1??

Monthly lifestyle counseling is therefore recommended, particularly for people at high risk of uncontrolled diabetes. The Counsellor takes control of the feedback session, which is structured to provide insights into the interaction with the Client. But sometimes you just gotta get this stuff out. If you are feeling like me- please comment and share. You will feel better trust me and at least we know we are all in it together next time you are sitting up at night, or screaming at your blood glucose machine. Of these patients, 187 had complete diagnostic clinical and biochemical data which were obtained at the time of diagnosis. She is Mum to 3 sons, the founder of Diabetes Counselling Online, a diabetes educator, social worker and PhD Candidate studying diabetes distress in pregnancy for women with type 1 diabetes.

She is also a successful Interiors Blogger and Stylist at www.recycledinteriors.org and runs creative workshops, an online store and studio in Adelaide – just for a life outside of diabetes.

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