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10lbs or higher babies?

Welcome to our Natural Birth Forum! I’ve only been able to come across news and online articles on the place…nothing “real”. Perhaps the most common of these observations are checking your blood pressure and testing your urine for the presence of protein. During labor, the nurses will continually check both you and your baby, including checking your blood-glucose levels. There are two phenomena that span the various cultures in the Balkans; first, like a dream from a Joseph Campbell book, we live by myths, legends, and sayings. Breech position is also more common in babies with neuro-muscular problems because they do not have the coordinated movements to move to a head down position. You can’t constantly stay clear of having an assisted birth however there are points you could do to reduce your threats.

The research that points to pregnancy after 35 being more difficult is drawn from church birth records in rural France between 1670 and 1830. Fearing I had a blood clot I went into the ER, my BP was 191/100 and I was admitted to the cardio ward. First thing, I “needed” to stay off medication. If you’re a first-time mother, you will receive a follow-up call a couple of days after your return home. The online conversation about big babies also revealed a deep divide among women on the subjects of C-sections and the value of a natural vaginal birth. But I vowed I would never choose the epidural again if I could help it. You can see all the supplements I took while pregnant here.

The wisest thing to do now is to continue to work on bringing your blood sugar levels under control via diet. I had a terrible time after the c-section and needed 2 blood transfusions. I still wish I had tried a vaginal delivery. I want to have a vbac with the next one, but I’m scared the baby will be even bigger. It’s only real impact is to deprive poor women (among which women of color are overrepresented) of a desperately needed resource for infant formula. By 6mos, he was measuring “average” (50th-75th percentile). You may want to wait for labor to begin to have the cesarean surgery.

She was a “slow grower” compared to our first. 1. Poor diets, problems with the immune system, damage to the blood vessels, and insufficient blood flow to the uterus are also potential causes of this condition. They were expected to be around the 9lb mark if I went full term. Your partner can be in the water with you — to support you and play catch (literally) with the baby. She’s a fast grower like #1. Ask for nothing less!

Make a detailed birth plan, not just for your health provider, but for yourself and your partner. She developed hives all of her body which lasted for months and made her extremely uncomfortable. Only your doctor, nurse or pharmacist can provide you with advice on what is safe and effective for you. If you have a high risk pregnancy or have been diagnosed with Strep B, Preeclampsia or Gestational Diabetes, placenta dystocia, breech baby or any other risk factors, it is important you speak to your Doctor about natural childbirth options no matter what birthing method you use. First daughter was 9 lbs 4 oz. American parents, please stop looking over at France for some guidance and inspiration. Different caregivers have different protocols for treating PROM.

I’m going to cover what you need to know. Bigger two were all natural waterbirths. Keep in mind that many experts recommend limiting the number of people in the room during labor and delivery. All 3 outgrew baby clothes quickly. I love the bigger healthy babies. All 3 of my children are tall and slim with no weight problems…people always say big babies always turn into fat kids…I disagree. my daughter was born at 9.5 lbs.

with a natural birth. we ended up trading all our newborn clothes for bigger sizes. she is now 5 months old and cant fit into her 3-6 month clothes. shes already wearing just plain 6 months clothes she can wear size 2/3 shoes. she also has a head full of hair. It’s important to evaluate the benefit and risk of birth interventions. Try changing positions, walking and squatting.

the last i checked she weighed 16lbs. but shes got another appt. coming up. According to the doc she is 95% on height and 90% on weight. If you are attempting trial of labor and you have not had a previous vaginal birth or your previous cesarean was done early on in labor, your labor will be like a first-time labor. My previous two deliveries were six hours and 1.5 hours respectively, so they were concerned that I would go into labour straight away. We also ended up having to buy equipment sooner (convertable car seat, co-sleeper instead of bassinet, etc) because he just grew out of everything so quickly!

That said, despite what we were told about bigger babies being late due to their size, he hit all of his physical milestones early and has started to “level out” in toddlerhood. I was actually pretty happy when he finally dropped out of the 99th percentile at his 18 month appt – I was worried he would be taller than me before he was 5! People also assume that he will be some kind of huge adult/football player/etc and from what I now understand that really isn’t likely. Do you facilitate water birth? I was the first to touch his head as it came out! My son was 10 lb, 2 oz. As the article made clear, the figures related to the decade up to 2003.

He was born with low blood sugar, which of course meant I was gestational diabetic. After all the concern about her size, she ended up being absolutely perfect. My mother-in-law is a diabetic teaching nurse, and she says anyone who has a baby over 10 pounds was diabetic whether diagnosed or not. He was also a C section, because he was breech. Hi Angela, I’ve had three babies in the past 6 years, and all of them were big. My smallest was 9lb. 11 oz., and she was also my first.

The labor and delivery were extremely difficult, complicated by the fact that she was face up. The end result was that the next two had to be delivered by C-section. Some folks are very anti- C section, but that first delivery was such a nightmare that I consider C-sections a real blessing!! I was out of commission for over 6 months with my first, but only for a couple of weeks with the other two. My body experienced far less trauma, and I was a much happier, well adjusted mommy when I came home. The other two were 10 lbs. 12 oz.

and 10 lbs. even. •I would prefer carefully placed steri-strips/glue/subcuticular sutures to minimize scarring. With my last baby, the maternity ward was full, so they put me in the ante-pardon wing (where moms that have to be hospitalized during pregnancy are kept, and they generally have premie, or very small babies). She was 7 lbs 2 ounces and a whopping 22 inches long. baby arrived in that wing of the hospital! I think everyone in that wing stopped by to see the amazing “giant” baby.

There are two things that I was told that I now consider to be 100% percent WRONG. #1, big babies are not more content and better sleepers than small babies. None of mine were good sleepers!! My big babies were still waking up through the night at 11 months, when my friends’ “normal sized” babies were all sleeping through the night within the first few months. #2, In the first week of life, babies only need colostrum, and should not be supplemented with formula. My babies were born with a ravenous appetite, and to force them to survive on the few ounces of colostrum I was making each day would have been torture! I tried, believe me.

I wanted to follow all the rules, but after a couple of nights of ZERO sleep and a screaming newborn, I was more than happy to break the rules. They were all on formula until my breast milk was coming in large enough quantities to fill their very hungry tummies. My husband and I are trying to determine if we are going to have #4, and I can’t help but wonder, if we do, whether this one will also be a 10+ pounder. I actually prefer them big, despite some of the problems I have had to face. Who can resist those big, kissable cheeks? Or those fat rolls on the legs and wrists? To me, they just look healthy, strong, and happy!!

Your little one is quite adorable!! Enjoy your big baby! Two of my sons were big babies. One is 11 now and he is 5’5″ and 180lbs which is bigger than his older brother. My almost 2 year old is 39 inches tall and 43lbs which is about the same size as the neighbors 5 year old. If you have a big baby don’t by a convertible carseat that just goes to 40lbs or you might be wasting money. My third daughter was born at 10lbs.

5.5 oz. I never realized how big she was until I saw her next to a baby three months older than her who weighed the average 7.5lbs at birth. She always measured off the chart at the pediatrician. At times they would measure her on the boys chart just to see. She has been my healthiest and tallest of my three. she is now 9 1/2 yrs. old and she is 4’10” and weighs about 95 pounds.

Her sisters din’t hit that unitl they were inmiddle school. My baby was 9 lbs 4 oz. She is now 19 months and normal size other than being tall for her age. Heigth runs in my family though. I was told she would be big before she was born, so I was worried about the birth. Thanks to an epidural , it was a breeze. My daughter was 10 lbs.

11 ounces..right at her due date, no gestational diabetes, and a vaginal birth…kinda wondered why baby #2 was so exhausting during labor.. 🙂 She’s as healthy as can be! Had to give away any little baby clothes!! Just smile when people say, “wow, you’re baby is big…or is there something wrong with her….” Enjoy your “bigger” blessing from God!! My first son was 10-1 (back in 1990). AND, I’m barely 4’11” tall, with a 5’3″ ex-husband. I did not have gestational diabetes…they constantly tested me.

I found he held his head up very early. He turned out to be very gifted, even skipping 2nd grade. He is now 18 and will be a college JUNIOR next month, so maybe they have bigger brains?! He never wore that 3-6 mos. baby size. The funniest thing I remember is upon my hospital release, 1 of the items on my C-Section Instructions was NOT to lift anything over ten lbs! He is still taller than he “should be” based on his parents and both sets of grandparents (all the men were under 5’6″ & the women under 5’2″), but is average at 5’8″ and 155.

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