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10 Unusual Uses for Coconut Oil… that you haven’t tried!

Treating a disease that was caused by sugar through the use of a type of sugar is counter-intuitive. A lot of health food products have been using it as a sweetener, many of them switching from agave, and I’ve tried it countless times myself. The main advantage of coco sugar compare to other sugar types is coconut sugar has low fructose compare to cane sugar. Try to imagine the hard work pancreas does during that time. Now, fortunately, I have never been a sugar lover, so to me this wasn’t a big disappointing moment, but when I started to share this information with some friends i saw different reactions, they weren’t pleased with it at all, and I absolutely understand that. Now, I’ve never been to the Philippines or Indonesia and seen coconut sugar production first hand. In Freelee’s videos, she uses coconut sugar in her massive 60 oz smoothies she has for breakfast.

You are buying the best of the best! The Glycemic Index (GI) value is only applicable to coconut sugar or coconut palm sugar  made from coconuts (cocos nuciferas) and not from other palms, which maybe the case if the sugars are produced in countries other than the Philippines. Almond meal is not the same product as almond flour. In the case of coconut palm sugar, it is likely to be mixed or prepared with other ingredients that contain carbohydrates. 1. And agave syrup has taken a lot of heat lately for having a very high fructose level and for not necessarily being all that healthy, depending on how it is extracted and processed. You can also easily use it in your baking, though the coarseness of the granules may alter the look and texture of the finished product.

The low level of carbohydrates and high fiber content make coconut flour ideal for people with insulin resistance, including those with diabetes, as it won’t lead to spikes in blood sugar. The blood sugar levels of the ten (10) healthy human subjects given coconut palm sugar and reference glucose food samples were graphed against the time of study. What we find in the grocery store labeled as brown sugar is actually granulated sugar with added molasses. Coconut flour also contains about 9 grams of healthy fats per 100 grams. Advocates of oil pulling, the process of swishing oil in your mouth, profess its powerful detoxing results. harmaceutical industry, substitute for honey, for infant foods and as intravenous injectables for diabetics. Contains Amino Acids: It includes sixteen essential amino acids, such as glutamine, which is extremely important in a number of bodily processes.

It brings the same level of sweetness without any coconut flavour. The white flesh is shredded, collected, and then cold pressed at 90–100 degrees Fahrenheit. To produce refined “white sugar” involves washings, filterings and chemical bleachings  which removes the nutrients. Use after bathing and keep a small container on your nightstand to massage onto dry hands. I’ve been brushing with homemade toothpaste for months now, and I’m a convert. If it is not sweet enough, you allow it to ferment longer. Pros Barley malt syrup is made by sprouting, drying, then roasting barley grains, while molasses is produced by boiling juice extracted from sugarcane or, less commonly, beets.

With the exception of fresh fruit, simple carbs are all the junky foods you already know are bad for you: white sugar, white flour, white bread, some whole wheat breads, cookies, sugary snack foods, candy, cake, muffins, crackers, chips, white pretzels, energy drinks, sodas and sweetened soft drinks, concentrated fruit juices, and all the other empty calorie fillers that today make up at least a third of the Standard American Diet. It may seem like a job for Martha Stewart, but these homemade chocolate cups are surprisingly simple to prepare! You only need cocoa powder, coconut oil and raw honey or pure maple syrup. Fill with berries, ice cream, pudding and more! Want to indulge in french fries? There’s no need to poison your body with toxic, refined vegetable oils! Try these Coconut Oil French Fries.

Plus, because coconut oil is so stable, you can strain out the oil after frying and re-use it. I did it and I couldn’t stop, as I mentioned before I have never been a sweet lover, but I must confess that sometimes they found me with a spoon in the jar. Let’s face it. Be gentle while coaxing off mascara. Wet a washcloth with hot water, then wring out thoroughly. Place it over your face and then gently massage away the last traces of mascara. Repeat by wetting/wringing/wiping with the washcloth again, if necessary.

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