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10 Surprising Benefits Of Dragon Fruit You Never Knew

When you’ve been diagnosed with diabetes, it can suddenly feel like your food options are limited and your favorite foods are out of the question. You count your carbohydrates, limit your sweets, and choose your beverages carefully: a vegetable here, a piece of fruit there, and voila! It is essential for diabetics to have sufficient knowledge about the best foods to incorporate in their diets and the worst selection of foods to avoid. In tropical and subtropical regions in South America and Asia, the dragon fruit flourishes and grows in abundance. All of these contain too many carbohydrates, which can result in a blood sugar spike. Keep in mind that individual responses to fruit may vary, so a fruit that raises one person’s blood sugar might not affect you the same way. Diabetics should also not snack on potato chips, pork rinds, corn chips and butter-flavored stove-top popcorn.

And that’s not all. The American Diabetes Association warns that drinking alcohol when you have diabetes causes a severe dip in your blood sugar, as the liver will not release glucose until the alcohol has been cleared from the body. A serving size of carbohydrates is 15 grams, which equates to a small piece of whole fruit or approximately a half-cup of frozen or canned fruit, according to Zanini. It’s the perfect fruit to maintain your weight and satisfy your sweet tooth. Americans have increasing problems maintaining cardiovascular health. If you can, consume fresh or natural foods so you have a better idea of nutritional content. Dragon fruit is an excellent source of monounsaturated fats, helping the heart stay in great condition.

To clean up your digestive system, eat a dragon fruit. They have a high fiber content, which can assist with poor digestion and constipation. Diabetics can enjoy fruits within reason, but should avoid them at certain times of the day. To rid the body of free radicals and cancer-producing properties, you can eat foods that contain antioxidants. Believe it or not, dragon fruit is giving acai berries a run for their money. The high amount of fiber in dragon fruit can ultimately help regulate diabetes, as it can stabilize blood sugar levels by suppressing sugar spikes. It is filled with sugar and sweeteners that should be avoided at all costs.

Eating a dragon fruit with its rich antioxidants can keep the skin tight and young. You can even make a face mask using the fruit combined with honey as a natural alternative to anti-aging masks. Dragon fruit juice is an excellent agent for treating colored hair. Choosing fatty or fried foods is a poor choice for diabetics, and they should be avoided. This will keep the hair follicles open, allowing your hair to breathe and remain healthy and smooth. This treatment is not just for teenagers. Rich in vitamin C, this fruit becomes a great topical ointment.

Turn a slice of dragon fruit into a paste and apply it to your reddened areas on your face or skin, then rinse with water. For best results, use twice daily. By combining dragon fruit with cucumber juice and honey, you can create a compound much like aloe that can soothe burned skin. Abundant in vitamin B3, dragon fruit can moisturize sunburned skin and release heat from the affected area. Tired of the everyday apple or banana? Go ahead, you get permission to pick up the exotic fruit because it’s so good it should be forbidden. Dragon fruit is so easy to eat that all you need is a spoon to dig out its goodness, similar to a kiwi.

Or, you can easily bite it right off of the peel for a quick fix. One dragon fruit will suffice as a snack, but soon you’ll be craving more. Try some of these recipes that call for dragon fruit here.

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